Can Dogs Eat Rice? Key Facts About White and Brown Rice

IMG_5740Can Dogs Eat Rice? You already know that rice is a carbohydrate and may be bad for your dog’s daily diet but there are times when your dog can benefit from a bland bowl of cooked rice to help your dog get over a case of diarrhea.  A simple bowl of steamed rice may be the quickest way to help your dog feel better so she doesn’t have to suffer.

This news brief gives you the benefits of white and brown rice for your dog’s digestion and how you can prepare a chicken and rice dish for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Rice? 4 Reasons You Can Feed Your Dog Brown Rice

1. Upset Tummy – You can feed your dog cooked brown rice when your dog has an upset stomach because it’s easy to digest and will give your dog energy when she’s sick.

2. Older Dogs – You can feed your senior dog cooked brown rice as a protein because it’s easier for an adult dog to digest especially if your dog has stomach problems.

3. Weight Gain  You can add steamed brown rice to add calories to your dog’s diet if your dog needs to increase her body weight.

4. Variety – You can prevent your dog from food allergies by adding steamed brown rice for variety.  Brown rice gives your dog the nutrients she needs for a healthy diet.

Can Dogs Eat Rice? 3 Reasons to Feed Brown Rice to Your Dog

1. Nutrients – Brown rice has more vitamins, minerals and fiber. Cooked brown rice makes the starch granules softer and easier for your dog to digest and absorb.

2. Cost – Brown rice can be added to your dog’s diet 2 or 3 times a week to help reduce your cost for dog food.

3. Constipation – Brown rice can help your constipated dog because it’s high in fiber.

Note:  Your dog may feel full and energized from cooked brown rice but your dog won’t get enough protein.  You should keep the amount of grain foods like brown rice less than 30% of your dog’s diet.

Can Dogs Eat Rice?  When To Feed Your Dog White Rice

Diarrhea – You can clean out your dog’s intestinal track when you feed your dog cooked white rice which is high in fiber.  The parasites that cause diarrhea will be removed so they don’t continue to thrive in your dog’s body.

Digestion – White rice is easier to digest than brown rice because the physic acid in brown rice can prevent the absorption of minerals.

How to Prepare a Rice and Chicken Dish for your Dog

1. Buy the best quality boneless chicken and a bag of short or long grain white rice. 

2. Boil the chicken for 30 minutes to make sure it’s cooked all the way through.

3. Take the chicken out of the stock to cool on a platter.

4. Skim the fat off of the chicken broth and bring to a boil.

5. Add 1 cup of white rice to the boiling broth, return to boil and lower to a simmer with a tight lid on your pan for 20 minutes. 

6. Mix cooked chicken with steamed rice and cool to room temperature.   

This news brief gives you the answer to the question whether your dog can eat rice and gives you a step by step recipe for a chicken and rice dish for your dog.

Share this article with your friends and family so they know about the benefits of white and brown rice when their dogs need a bland diet for an upset stomach, or want to put variety in their dog’s meals.  You can always depend of the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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  1. I feed my dog 2/3 times a day meal contains rice soybean chunks and egg with yolk. Is it safe to feed such a diet. Will it help him to grow properly?
    My pets age is 8 months

    • Hello Monica, Thank you for asking this question about rice soybean chunks and egg yolk. These products are not on Dog Health News’ list of the healthiest foods to give your dog, especially your 8 month old puppy, no matter what breed. If you are giving your dog these products 2/3 times a day, you should check with your veterinarian right away to find more species specific nutritious food to feed your puppy. Keep us posted. Roberta

  2. i starting giving white rice and chicken to my senior dog when he started having digestive issues
    i also add 4 tbsp organic pumpkin separately bf he had his chicken n rice for dinner, i cook chicken in pressure cooker, then i cook rice sep then i add unsalted broth and water, ‘i serve it warmed up to him, he loves it i also split his breakfast into two meals 1/2 can newmans own at breakfast 1/2 a few hrs later no dry kibble at all
    its been godsend to him

    • Pandora….. Much thanks for your comments and ideas on rice, chicken and organic pumpkin. All these foods are healthy and you are definitely taking great care of your dog. Stay in touch as often as you like. All the best, Roberta

  3. Kim shelly says:

    I want to start cooking my dogs food but don’t know where to start. I have 2 6 and 7 pound min poodle/ min Manchester terrier mixes. Could you steer me in the right direction.

    • Hello Kim,
      Thank you for your question. The best first step is to start with your vet and ask for a nutrition expert for dogs in your local community. Be careful to do your homework and remember to ask for breed specific nutritionally balanced meals. Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

  4. patsy cincotta says:

    My dog facilitates between diarrhea and constipation. He does best on Beyond canned dog food, ground type, but likes chicken and brown rice better – so won’t eat the dog food anymore. This keeps me constantly upset and not knowing what to feed him. He is a 20-pound Chi/Jack Russell mix and is 9 years old. How can I get him to eat the Beyond most of the time since his bowel movements are perfect with it – firm,, solid and the right color. On chicken and rice they are watery with mucus or he doesn’t go at all. People tell me to just out-wait him but I hate to make him eat something he doesn’t want.

    • Hi Patsy… I’m not so sure I have the answer, but maybe your veterinarian can give you some ideas or refer you to a nutritionist for advice. It may be that your dog likes the temperature and texture of the rice and chicken so you may be able to mix it up a little. Check with your vet before you make changes to your dog’s diet, of course. Best of luck and thanks for writing…

  5. My 14 year old Akita is a picky eater, and gets sick easily. I have stopped giving her commercial canned food at all, and have replaced it with cooked ground chuck with sweet potatoes and a little bit of rice, since she strains with her BM otherwise. I have also been giving her curamin, 1/2 cap daily due to her issues with falling and stiffness. I was concerned it would add to her tummy issues, but it doesn’t seem any worse, but her falling and stiffness are far better on it. She gets grain free kibbles for sensitive stomach each morning, to eat as she chooses during the day. Is this healthy for her?

    • Hello Marie,
      Thank you for your comments about your Akita. Sounds like you are doing a great job of taking care of her. As for the grain free kibbles, you may want to read this article to make sure none of the ingredients are toxic or harmful: The Curamin contains Boswellia which can have side effects like these: acid reflux, diarrhea, interaction with NSAIDs, nausea, skin rashes or stomach pain. Always check with your vet before you give supplements to your dog to be sure they are safe. Hope this helps.

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