Can Dogs Eat Quinoa? 3 Steps to Prepare It for Your Dog

Can Dogs Eat QuinoaCan dogs eat quinoa, an incredibly healthy gluten-free grain, or will the unseen toxic ingredient in it make your dog so sick that she’ll vomit, lose her appetite and start pawing at her mouth which will cost you money for a visit to your vet and cause your dog to suffer?  Dog Health News was asked this question by Carmen Cordova, a nutritionist from Peru who is making healthy products for humans in her country and wondered about the health effects of quinoa on dogs.

This news brief gives you 3 tips you need to cook and serve quinoa to your dog so she will get the health benefits of this super food and not suffer from any toxic poisoning or discomfort.  

Can Dogs Eat Quinoa?  Nutritional Breakdown of Quinoa

Here’s the nutritional breakdown of 100 grams of quinoa:

• Calories – 372

• Riboflavin – 0.23 of a gram

• Thiamin – 0.24 of a gram

• Niacin – 1.4 grams

• Fat – 4.9 grams

• Iron – 8.5 milligrams

• Protein – 11.5 grams

• Calcium – 66 milligrams

• Carbs – 71.2 grams

This super food is gluten free and quinoa has essential amino acids that are hard to find in other foods.  Ask your vet if you can feed your dog quinoa so she can benefit from high protein and complex carbohydrates.

Can Your Dog Eat Quinoa? 3 Steps to Prepare Quinoa for Your Dog

1. Cooking Instructions – You need to rinse, wash and cook quinoa for your dog.  Quinoa is usually coated with Saponin, an unseen chemical that is more toxic to dogs than to humans.  Note: Never serve uncooked quinoa to your dog or your family.

2. Feeding Instructions – You need to give your dog a small portion and make sure that she doesn’t have any negative symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea from this plant- based grain due to insoluble oxalates that dogs have trouble digesting.

3. Simple Meals – Rinse, wash and boil quinoa for 15 minutes.  Let the quinoa cool and combine with fish or meat and other vegetable for a healthy nutritious diet for your dog. Always feed your dog small portions of quinoa so it won’t upset your dog’s stomach.

Healing Properties of Quinoa

• Prevent Heart Disease

• Prevent Cancer

• Potent Antioxidant

• Reduces Risk of Diabetes

• Rich in Vitamin B12

This news brief gives you the 3 steps to introduce quinoa safely into your dog’s diet including the health and nutrition benefits.

Share this news brief with your friends and family who want to add a gluten-free nutritionally beneficial product to their dog’s diet.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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