Dog Health: Cigarette Smoke Can Kill Your Dog in 4 Ways

Dog HealthDog health animal rights groups such as the ASPCA list tobacco smoke as one of the top 10 dangerous toxins to your dog.   You may already know that your dog’s health is at risk when exposed to second hand smoke or even worse, your dog may get poisoned by eating toxic cigarette butts in the street when you walk your dog.

This news brief gives you 4 health risks for your dog when he’s exposed to toxic tobacco second-hand smoke and what you can do about it to protect your dog’s health.

4 Dog Health Risks for Toxic Tobacco Smoke to Your Dog

1. Allergies – Your dog may be allergic to smoke and find it difficult to breathe in a smoke-filled household.

2. Lung Cancer  Your dog with shorter nasal passages is more prone to lung cancer because the smoke particles can reach your dog’s lungs more easily.  Dogs in smoking households have a 60% higher risk of lung cancer according to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

3. Nasal Cancer  Your dog will not survive more than a year with nasal cancer. Long-nosed breeds like retrievers and German Shepherds are at highest risk.

4. Respiratory Problems – Your dog may have trouble breathing toxic smoke-filled air and develop heart problems due to the extra effort your dog has to make when he breathes.

3 Third-Hand Smoke Dangers for Your Dog

Dog Health Additional dog health risks associated with third-hand smoke for humans and dogs were published in a study by Harvard Medical School.  The unseen smoke particles that form a mixture of toxic gases cling to smokers’ hair and clothing, sofas, carpeting and the upholstery in your car long after your cigarette has been thrown out and the smoke has cleared.

Third-hand smoke is noticed when you smell a smoker in an elevator or when you are in a hotel where people have been smoking.

Here are the top 3 dog health dangers of third-hand smoke for your dog:

1. Your dog breaths in toxic smoke-filled air and is trapped because an open window is not enough to clear out the toxic particles.

2. Your dog lies directly on your carpet and rugs where he grooms himself and picks up toxic particles.

3. Your dog lies on your lap and your bed where he picks up toxic particles.

6 Signs of Nicotine Poison in Your Dog

1. Your dog’s pupils will be constricted and look like a small pinpoint.

2. Your dog may start to drool.

3. Your dog may look like he is having aural and visual hallucinations and move his head around with irregular motion.

4. Your dog may have an irregular and racing heart beat that may lead to other dog health illnesses like nervous system disorders.

5. Your dog may vomit or have diarrhea.

6. Your dog may have tremors, seizures or twitching.

Note:  Call the Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 if you suspect your dog has been poisoned by nicotine immediately.

7 Tips to Keep Toxic Exposure from Cigarette Smoke away from your Dog

1. If you smoke, make sure you only smoke outdoors so the toxic smoke particles don’t settle into your home, on your dog or in your car.

2. Install a high-quality air purifier in your home to remove toxins from the air so you can reduce harmful dog health symptoms like respiratory illness.

3. Change your clothes and wash them right away after you smoke or if you are in contact with other smokers.

4. Wash your hands after you smoke especially before you touch your dog, your children or other people.

5. Wash your hair after you smoke or if you have been in an area where others have been smoking.

Dog Health 6. Empty and wash your ashtrays if you smoke and keep them away from your dog.

7. Throw out any cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, nicotine gum in containers that cannot be reached by your dog.

Note: The best way to prevent dog health issues related to toxic exposure from cigarette smoke is to keep your household free of nicotine.

This news brief gives you risks and dangers of toxic tobacco smoke to your dog and what you can do about it before your dog develops signs of nicotine poison or cancer.

Share this news brief with your friends and family so they are aware of the dangers of toxic tobacco smoke to their dogs.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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