Toxic Foods for Dogs: 6 Holiday Dangers for Your Dog

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toxic foods for dogs The list of toxic foods for dogs gets more complicated around the holidays when your dog has easy access to boxes of chocolates, corn on the cob at cookouts and party food like potato chips and peanuts placed at dog eye and mouth level that offer deadly temptations and may ruin your holiday celebration with an emergency trip to your vet or worse, your dog could require surgery because he ate something poisonous like a stuffed mushroom or choked on a foil wrapper from a candy bar.

This news brief gives you 6 holiday dangers for your dog and quick ways to prevent your dog from the hazards of holiday accidents that may make your dog sick from candy, toxic foods and wrapping paper, ribbon and toy parts.

Toxic Foods for Dogs: 6 Holiday Health Warnings For Your Dog

1. Alcoholic Drinks – Keep your dog away from any alcoholic drinks because of negative effects to your dog’s breathing, heart and coordination. If you have guests over for any holiday, make sure that alcohol has not spilled on the floor where your dog can easily lick this toxic beverage and get deathly sick.  Don’t let anyone be humorous and give beer to your dog to see how he reacts.  This joke could prove to be fatal for your dog.

toxic foods for dogs 2. Candy – Keep your dog away from any kind of candy in your house especially when you have bags of Halloween candy for Trick or Treat.  You may already know that chocolates are toxic foods for dogs and the wrappers can get stuck in your dog’s throat.  Valentine’s Day and Christmas are two more critical times for you to hide the candy in your cabinets out of your dog’s reach.

3. Cooked Bones – Keep your dog away from cooked bones that can splinter when your dog chews on them.  These bones can pierce your dogs skin and also get stuck in his throat.  When you grill foods like chicken and steak, make sure that the cooked bones are removed from your dog’s reach and disposed of in the trash where he can’t sniff them out.  Cooked bones like the ones in your Thanksgiving turkey must not be given to your dog as a treat.

4. Flowers – Keep your dog away from plants and flowers that are toxic foods for dogs like mistletoe during Christmas.  Your dog may be curious about these plants or floral arrangements and you need to take care that your dog doesn’t start to eat the tinsel or cranberries and popcorn on your Christmas tree. Some of the most toxic flowers are Oleander, Chrysanthemum and Lily of the Valley.

5. Gifts – Keep your dog away from gift wrap, ribbon and toys that may seem like a great thing to munch on for your dog.  Paper and string may not be toxic foods for dogs but they are dangerous if they get lodged in your dog’s throat and intestines.  Be sure you dispose of all the gift wrap and ribbons at Christmas, Valentines Day and for any celebration in your home like Birthdays, Baby and Wedding Showers.

toxic foods for dogs 6. Snacks and Leftovers – Keep your dog away from coffee tables covered with food for your guests on holidays or at parties.  Wrap up any leftovers such as meat, vegetables and pastries so your dog won’t be tempted to wolf down a toxic treat like cake, candy or mashed potatoes that someone left unattended.

This news brief gives you 6 holiday health warnings for your dog related to toxic foods so you can prevent your dog from access to dangerous food and substances that can result in serious or fatal harm to your dog. 

Share this article with your friends and family so they will have a guide to protect their dog during any holiday or celebration.  You can depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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