Dog Health & Cars & Motorcycles: How Safe is Your Dog?

Dog Health

Dog health concerns don’t enter your dog’s mind when you ask your dog if he’d like to go for a ride because your dog probably associates your invitation with a chance to smell the outdoors, see the world and be out with you, however your dog is also at risk for many health injuries and infections when you allow your dog to hang his head out your car window or ride on your motorcycle with the added chance that your dog might even jump out in the street and get seriously hurt.

This news brief gives you facts about the dangers of letting your dog hang his head out your car window or ride on your motor bike so you can take better care of your dog.

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Dog Health and Vehicles: 6 Warnings for Your Dog’s Safety

  1. Bumps & Swerves – If your dog is not restrained in your vehicle when you’re driving, your dog may have trouble staying seated as you change lanes, speed up and slow down.  I can still picture my Golden Retriever, Jesse, trying to keep his balance on the back Dog Healthseat even when I was careful about taking turns. The safest plan is to secure your dog and keep your dog’s head inside your car when you drive over 25 miles per hour.
  2. Pebbles & Dust – Unless your dog wears a helmet and sunglasses, there’s a good chance that debris from the road like pebbles and tire dust will get in your dog’s eyes.  The best dog health strategy is to drive on a quiet road under 25 miles per hour if you want to allow your dog to hang his head out your car window or ride on your Harley.
  3. Ears – Your dog’s delicate ears are subject to ear infections, swelling or permanent hearing loss when your dog’s head is exposed to too much wind and various air temperatures as well as the debris that is blown inside your dog’s ears.
  4. Escape – Your dog could be tempted to jump out of your car window when he sees another dog or a squirrel.  A good dog health safety plan is to make sure your windows are not open wide enough for your dog to jump out of or fall out of.  You may also want to keep your car windows closed when you are in stop and go traffic so your dog is safe.  This means that you need to keep your vehicle at a comfortable temperature that’s safe for your dog.
  5. Accidents – Your dog could be at risk of injury from another vehicle that gets to close when your dog’s head is hanging out of your window.  This means you want to be aware of the dog health dangers to your dog’s head from impact with things like rear view mirrors that jut out from other cars and trucks.
  6. Motorcycles – If you take your dog out for a ride on your motorcycle there are many safe attachments to use for your dog’s safety and comfort. Your dog is at serious risk of injury when he is unrestrained on any kind of motor bike.

Dog HealthNote:  Your dog may love to have the wind in his face and enjoy the ride, however it’s your responsibility to be sure that you think carefully about the dog health risks before you allow your dog to hang his head out of your vehicle’s window over 25 miles per hour.

8 Causes of Accidents or Injury to Dogs in Moving Vehicles

  1. Petting your dog
  2. Using your arm to restrict your dog’s movement
  3. Playing with your dog
  4. Looking at your dog
  5. Feeding your dog a treat
  6. Holding your dog in your lap
  7. Reaching into your back seat to hold your dog

This news brief gives you facts about the dangers and risks when you let your dog ride unrestricted with his head hanging out of your vehicle’s window or on your motorcycle so you can consider other dog health strategies to keep your dog free from harm in the future.

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