Dog Rescue: 4 Compelling Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

SeniorRescueDogDaisyMariaKangasDog Rescue: That’s a phrase that brings a smile to your face. To rescue a dog means you’re saving a life and you’re also adding happiness to your own life. To rescue a puppy is extremely important, however let’s not forget about older dogs who need the same love. Senior dogs may not be puppies, and still, they have those adorable puppy eyes you instantly fall in love with.  Older dogs deserve your care and love, and they will return the same love back to you and more. Older dogs even give you more kisses! You, along with your senior dog, will cherish your companionship and love.

This news brief gives you facts about the benefits of rescuing and welcoming an older dog into your home.

Dog Rescue: 4 Huge Benefits about Adopting Older Dogs

  1. The More Information—The Better!   Janet Burt, a Hamilton, MA resident, has rescued older dogs. Currently, she owns four older rescue dogs. She enthused, “I rescue older dogs because I simply know more about them. I know about their medical history, their personality, if they can fit into my lifestyle, and how they act towards people.”

          SeniorRescueDogMariaKangasTuckerJanet has even made a photo of one of her rescue dogs her cell phone background! Older dogs show their true personalities the moment you meet them, which will help you know if you and the dog are compatible.

2. Instant Dog Rescue Companions – An older dog just wants a companion and someone to love. You most likely want the same thing. Older dogs will probably be ready to take on any activity with you, such as hiking, car rides, or just hanging out on the couch watching television. They want to be your number one buddy as much as you want to be theirs!

3. Minimal Training – Never say there will be no training, because you just can’t count on it. However, an older rescue dog is very likely to be house trained and well behaved outdoors. Unlike a puppy from a dog rescue, you won’t have to worry constantly about your older dog destroying your couch or peeing in your home. Your older rescue dog probably knows a lot of the basic rules already. That being said, don’t forget that some training might be required. Don’t let your dog off that easy!

4. Save a Dog’s Life –  The reality for older rescue dogs is not a happy ending if they are not adopted.  Most of these dogs that remain for too long in a shelter may be euthanized before they have reached their full life expectancy.  If this reason alone doesn’t help you make a decision to choose an older dog from a dog rescue, nothing else will.

This news brief gives you 4 compelling reasons to adopt an older rescue dog so you can save a dog’s life and feel good about being a dog owner.

Maria Kangas is a senior at Endicott College currently majoring in Marketing Communications and a guest blogger on Dog Health News. She thoroughly enjoys creative writing, and in her free time, she loves to run outside and be with her family. 

The photos shared by Maria on this page are of special friends and their beloved senior rescue dogs, Daisy and Tucker, which was why Maria is passionate about older rescue dogs.

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Old Dogs: 9 Heartwarming Reasons You Love Them More

Old dogsOld dogs might move, play and poop a little slower but the general consensus from millions of dog owners is that older dogs continue to grow more lovable and what’s even more heartening is that most dog owners will do anything it takes to keep their senior dog healthy and give their dog the best quality of life until they need to make critical choices due to their dog’s illnesses, chronic pain or financial limitations for their senior dog’s medical expenses.

This news brief gives you 9 uplifting reasons why older dogs are more cherished even though your dog may slow down and need more care.

Old Dogs: 9 Ways Your Older Dog Makes You Love Him More

  1. Old Friend – Your dog ages along with you just like your older human friends.  The companionship you may develop with your older dog is often stronger than having a human friend when you and your dog spend hours together in your home away from other people.
  2. Kind Face – When your dog’s adorable puppy face gracefully ages into adulthood, a kinder adult dog face evolves.  You may want to take more time to study your dog’s older face and discover what you think about while you spend time with old dogs.  Studies have revealed that your mood improves when you look at your dog’s face.
  3. Routine activities – There’s nothing like the comfort when you know what your dog likes to do every day.  You know exactly where and when your dog poops and piddles, where your dog likes to take a nap and all the places your dog loves to go like the beach, the park or even at your feet in your home when you sit down and read at the end of the day.
  4. Exercise buddy – Studies have shown that people who have dogs are healthier, have lower cholesterol and basically exercise more so you can be grateful to have your senior dog because he helps you live longer and keeps you moving.
  5. Old dogsSenior status – Old dogs have earned the respect of you and your family which contributes to why you love your senior dog more every day.  This means that your dog may sleep a little longer, need a few more toys to keep him happy and deserves a lot more love and attention then he got when he was your puppy.
  6. Soulmate – No words need to be spoken for a deep connection to grow between you and your dog.  As the years pass, your dog may become the best listener that truly understands you without judgement, complaints or criticism.  Your older dog stands by and doesn’t care if you make a fool out of yourself. Old dogs understand completely.
  7. Memories – Remember the time you left your dog outside all night or the time your dog got sprayed by a skunk?  These are just 2 examples of the stories that make you love your dog more and more each year.  The list is endless.
  8. Human Kindness – You can have lots of fun with your dog for years and when your dog’s face turns white you become a little kinder because you most likely see beyond your dog’s faded fur.  If you spend an hour or two relaxing with your senior dog you might discover ways to reach out to others with old dogs or volunteer at a nursing home to provide conversation and company for someone who may be alone or lonely.
  9. Responsibility – Your lifelong commitment to your older dog teaches you patience, tolerance and responsibility because your dog is dependent on your care from the time your dog is a puppy.  One strategy you may want to research when you get your puppy is whether dog insurance will work for you and your dog.

Old dogsThis news brief gives you 9 reasons you love your older dog no matter what he looks like or how slow he may walk to the door and welcome you home at the end of your long day. 

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