Stop Reverse Sneezing in Dogs with Two Simple Tricks

Reverse Sneezing in DogsReverse sneezing in dogs could alarm you because you’re afraid your dog might choke or have a seizure when you see your dog stop suddenly, throw his head back, snort and gag like he can’t catch his breath… so all you can do is wait for your dog to recover or bring your dog to your local emergency animal hospital and hope they can save your dog before it’s too late.

This short article will relieve your fear and give you 2 simple tricks to stop your dog while he’s reverse sneezing.  You may already know that small dogs like terriers, miniatures, and brachycephalic dogs like pugs and bull dogs are more susceptible to reverse sneezing.

6 Causes of Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

Your dog sneezes to remove foreign particles through his nose because of an irritation or inflammation in his nasal passages.  Reverse sneezing happens when your dog suddenly inhales and exhales repeatedly followed by snorts or gagging which can scare you.

Take your dog to your local emergency animal hospital if your dog makes a loud honking sound because it could indicate a tracheal collapse.

Reverse sneezing is common and not harmful to your dog unless he has a health condition like heart disease. 

Below are 6 causes of reverse sneezing in dogs:

  1. Allergens – Your dog may have allergies to pollen or other substances.  Visit your veterinarian and ask for allergy tests to find the cause of your dog’s reverse sneezing.
  2. Dust – Your dog’s nasal passages may tickle from dust as he sniffs around your house with his nose close to the ground.  You can vacuum and clean your home more often to help prevent your dog from sneezing.
  3. Mold – Your dog may be allergic to mold in your home.  You can have your home checked for mold and see if this is the cause of your dog’s reverse sneezing.
  4. PerfumeReverse sneezing in dogs may be a reaction to your perfume or fragrances.  Remove scented products and see if this change reduces your dog’s sneezes.
  5. Powder – Reverse sneezing in dogs can be caused by talcum powder.  Your dog’s nose is sensitive to all kinds of fine particles that could make him sneeze.
  6. Over-excitement – Your dog might get too excited from play or exercise and have episodes of reverse sneezing.  Watch for signs that your dog is out of breath so you can help prevent reverse sneezing.

2 Simple Tricks to Stop Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

  1. Lightly blow in your dog’s face.  A simple distraction like this should cause your dog to swallow a couple of times and stop him Reverse Sneezing in Dogsfrom reverse sneezing.  Take your dog to a cool room or bring him outdoors in the fresh air to keep your dog calm after a reverse sneezing episode.
  2. Hold your dog’s nostrils for a few seconds and massage his throat.  Your dog will automatically swallow which will stop the spasm that caused his reverse sneezing attack.  Avoid any loud noises and talk to your dog in a soft voice to keep him calm.

Note:  Most dogs don’t need medication to stop reverse sneezing.  Consult with your veterinarian for treatment if your dog has allergies or chronic episodes of reverse sneezing.

This news brief gives you 2 simple tricks to safely stop your dog’s reverse sneezing episodes so you can relax if your dog is prone to this health issue.

Zoey and Bentley, 7 year old Havanese, experience reverse sneezing. Special thanks to Doris Fink, their owner and fan of Dog Health News, for sharing information to help stop your dog’s reverse sneezing.   

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