Dog Health: Small Pests That Are The Biggest Pains

Dog HealthTo insure dog health, you, as a conscientious dog owner must be extremely alert to the presence of ticks and fleas in your dog’s fur and skin that cause discomfort as well as uncontrollable itching and scratching, sure to lead to frequent veterinary visits for your dog and make your home a new home for pests your dog brings in. Usually, your dog picks up ticks and fleas in the woods but your dog can come across these pests while he plays right in your backyard or in your local park. Warmer weather in some regions may also lead to a longer season for these pests. Winter, summer, spring, or fall, we all know you can’t keep your dog inside all day for fear of ticks and fleas. So, what’s the best way to protect your dog from these small pests that are the biggest pains?

This short and informative news brief gives you a proven list of easy tips to use to help improve the health and happiness of your dog when he experiences a bad case of ticks and fleas.

Dog Health: 3 Tips To Help Exterminate Ticks And Fleas On Your Dog

1. Flea collar: This collar is a proven way to ward off fleas without having to constantly remember to reapply ointment and lotion to your dog. The flea collar simply has two goals: to repel and to treat. Once the flea collar is on your dog, it releases a substance that spreads across your dog’s skin, so the fleas are killed throughout your dog’s body.

2. Flea comb: Use this comb to offer some immediate relief if you notice your dog itching more often. The steps for this are quick and simple. First, make sure you have a bucket filled with soap and water. The key here is to ensure that the water is deep enough. Ticks and fleas Dog Healthcan jump right out of the water if not at least halfway full. Slowly comb through your dog’s fur, and if you notice any pests on your brush afterwards, your dog health treatment is working for your dog.

3. Schedule a tick check on your dog at least once a week: This is essential, especially in warmer weather. Since your dog plays outside more often in warmer weather, call your vet to schedule a tick check. With weekly tick checks, this will help prevent your dog’s tick and flea problem from getting worse. Ask your vet to give you instructions on how to do a self-tick check at home on your dog.

Dog Health This news brief gives you 3 simple ways to help you remove ticks and fleas from your dog’s skin so your dog won’t suffer and you can cut down on the time and expense to get rid of fleas on your dog and in your home.

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