Dogs Help Depression: 3 Easy Ways to Avoid The Blues

Dogs Help Depression Dogs help depression in very simple ways, like whenever your dog opens her eyes and gives you her paw which makes you forget all your troubles; but how does your dog manage to change your mood and why do you simply feel better if you see a dog in the street?… The scientific answer may be a raised level of dopamine that stimulates your feeling of pleasure, however the heartfelt answer must be the spiritual bond between humans and dogs.

This news brief gives you 3 easy ways to avoid getting the blues every day so you can reduce your stress and take advantage of a little unconditional love from your dog.

How Dogs Help Depression – 3 Ways You Can Shake Off a Bad Mood

  1. Sounding board – There may be times when your life becomes difficult or you have to deal with things beyond your control and you don’t really want to share your thoughts with anyone.  This is a perfect opportunity to have a face to face with your dog.  Think of her as your private therapist.  Your dog won’t tell a soul what you said and often, you’ll get the advice you need through the reflection in your dog’s eyes.  You can take your dog for a long walk and air out all your ideas without verbal interruption.  Dogs help depression because they are excellent listeners and sometimes all you need is a sounding board with a wagging tail to lift your spirits.
  2. Innocence – Have you ever noticed that a sleeping dog makes people smile?  Or, how about when your dog runs after a ball and brings it back to you for another chance to chase the ball and do Dogs Help Depressionthis over and over?  How does that make you feel?  Certainly not depressed.  It’s the innocence of play, the peace of mind, and yet another way to get rid of your negativity.  It’s ok to act like a kid again and maybe just take a nap with your dog because dogs help depression.
  3. Companionship – You don’t need to talk to your dog to lift your spirits.  And, if you don’t own a dog, you can have a silent conversation with a willing dog in the street or at someone’s home.  One of the best ways to release sadness is to focus on someone else, which makes your dog the perfect cure for a case of the blues.  Companionship is why 50% of the world share their home with a dog.  If you want to find a happy friend, you have a Dogs Help Depressiongood chance if they own a dog.  The act of caring for someone else’s needs, like your dog’s, doesn’t leave room for sadness.  Dogs help depression mainly because of their personalities and their unconditional love which is really hard to resist even when you’re in a bad mood.

This news brief gives you 3 reasons to be grateful for your dog because she really does keep you healthier by making you smile.

Share this article with your friends and family as a reminder so they can take better care of their dog and avoid the blues at the same time.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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