Dog Walking Alternatives: 3 Handy Ways to Walk Your Dog

Dog WalkingDog walking creativity creeps into your life when things happen like you break a leg, get the flu or you don’t want to go out in a blizzard or a heatwave so you might want to have a few simple ideas up your sleeve to exercise your dog that will allow you to take it easy, avoid all types of bad weather and make you look like a hero to your dog.

This news brief gives you 3 clever ways to get your dog out for a walk if you’d much rather stay in bed.

Dog Walking: 3 Backup Plans to Walk Your Dog

  1. Take your dog for a ride – This is an ingenious plan to lure your dog into your car or truck with all the gear you need for a walk.  Your dog knows this routine and will be happy to play along.  Drive to the safe place you selected that has a secure gated area and release your dog out of the car.  You can stay inside your car until your dog has had a good run.  There’s a chance you’ll have Dog Walkingto get out of the car to clean up after your dog, however, you can enjoy the protection of your vehicle.  Use this dog walking strategy when you don’t feel well, you’re in a cast or you really just want your dog to have the freedom to run around without his leash.
  2. Let your dog out your back door – This is a convenient system if your backyard is enclosed so your dog can be outdoors and stretch his legs. You can relax in the comfort of your home and wait for your dog to ask to be let back in.  If you have a broken leg or the flu, the convenience of giving your dog some exercise in your backyard saves you from having to struggle through a walk that might risk your own health.  Use this dog walking strategy as a daily routine for your dog or just when you aren’t physically fit to walk your dog.
  3. Hire a dog walker – This is a brilliant choice to make sure your dog gets out for a safe walk with a professional dog walker.  You may even be find a volunteer in your neighborhood who would Dog Walkinglove the chance to walk your dog for free.  Make sure you can trust your substitute dog walker and always review all the rules for your dog’s safety. You can arrange for a dog walker for senior dog owners with limited mobility so their dog gets enough exercise.

This news brief gives you 3 excellent dog walking fallback plans for your dog when you can’t be sure that your dog will get the exercise he needs.   

Share this article with your friends and family so they can find alternative ways to walk their dog when the need arises.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Walker Risks: Are You Distracted by These 4 Things?

Dog WalkerDog walker distractions without warning can cause complicated challenges when you have one or more dogs who pull you from side to side while you try to avoid obstacles like dips in the pavement, people with dogs or friendly pedestrians, so you may want to focus more on your dog’s safety to prevent accidents or injuries from a fall or even worse, you or your dog could get hit by a car because you weren’t paying 100% attention to your environment and your dog.

This news brief gives you 4 simple things you can stop doing when you’re out for a walk with your dog that will help keep you and your dog safer and out of harms way.

4 Dog Walker Distractions That Put Your Dog at Risk

  1. Food and Beverages – Even if you’re good at balancing, it’s really hard to control your dog with one hand on his leash and your other hand on a cup of coffee, sandwich or ice cream cone.  Your dog could easily get burned by a hot drink, grab your sandwich or take a bite off your ice cream before you even blink an eye.  The best solution is to sit with your dog when you have a beverage or food and leave your cups and wrappers in the trash before you resume your walk.
  2. Texting – As a dog walker, you may suffer from separation anxiety if you can’t see your smart phone in your hand, however your dog will be 20 times safer if you put your phone in your pocket, leave it home, or only text when you’re not walking with Dog Walkeryour dog.  In the 5 seconds it takes to send a text message, your eyes are not on your dog and you could easily miss dangers like oncoming traffic or a driver who runs a red light as you’re crossing the street with your dog.
  3. Smoking – Second hand smoke can affect your dog’s lungs or asthma condition and make it hard for your dog to breathe.  Your cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke gets absorbed in your dog’s fur and skin like it does on your clothes.  If you’re a smoker and a dog walker, you might be putting your dog at risk for health issues like cancer and lung disease.  When you hold a lit cigarette in your free hand, it also takes your attention away from your dog.  Consider your dog’s health and avoid smoking inside your home and when you walk your dog.
  4. Detachment – If you’re extremely distraught and preoccupied with something that’s going on in your life, don’t take your dog for a walk until you can really focus on your dog’s safety.  Your thoughts can be a powerful distraction and capture your attention so completely that you won’t hear noises like car horns and you may not notice a red light when you are at a crosswalk.  Detachment means you are not totally present with your senses.  The dangers for you and your dog increase if your reflexes aren’t quick enough to save you and your dog from an accident or injury.

4 Ways to Reduce Dog Walker Distraction

  1. Focus – Keep your eyes on your dog and don’t attempt to multi-task when you walk with your dog. Look straight ahead of you and watch for approaching traffic so you can avoid bumping into people, other dogs, objects and cars that may pull into or out of parking lots.
  2. Crosswalks – Use the buttons that change the traffic light to red before you cross the street with your dog.
  3. Headphones – Lower the volume so you can also hear traffic and voices around you.
  4. Relax – Plan your walks with your dog so you have everything you need to pick up after your dog and enjoy the time you have outdoors. 

Dog WalkerThe information in this short news brief is based on observations of dog walker behavior when people are distracted by their phone, food, beverage, cigarette or they are in deep  thought and unfocused.  These distractions can pose risks for your dog’s well being.

Share this article with your friends and family so they understand the importance of removing distractions when they walk their dog.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Walk Your Dog With Love: How to Respect Dogs on Leashes

Walk Your Dog With LoveIf you walk your dog with love every day you’ll have a better mannered dog and a safer experience based on the voluntary comments from local dog owners I’ve heard from about the best guidelines for interaction with people and other dogs when they’re out for their daily walks at all times of day in different settings.

This news brief gives you valuable information to consider when you walk your dog or if you see other people with their dogs in the street so you can have safer socialization without accidental injuries.

Walk Your Dog With Love:  6 Simple Tips For Dog Owners and Dog Lovers

  1. Strangers – Some dogs are afraid of strangers.  The safest thing to do when you see a dog try to run for his life when he sees you get close is to continue to walk by and leave the dog alone.  Dog owners and dog walkers appreciate your respect if you don’t ask to pet their dog while they are on a walk.
  2. Children – You never know how any dog will react to a child and the best thing to do is to stay your distance and look without touching or getting too close to a dog in the street.  Children’s voices are often high pitched and can get a dog excited or nervous.  If you want to walk your dog with love, remember to prevent your dog from getting too close to children in the street.
  3. People with leashed dogs – Common courtesy for dog walkers is to shorten your dog’s leash when you approach another dog and owner on a walk in any location.  Even if you think you have the kindest, well-behaved dog on the planet, you never know how another dog will react.  If a dog walker suggests that you give them extra distance it’s best to respect their request or cross the street.
  4. Conversations – Dog walks are intended to give your dog some exercise and allow your dog to do his business.  If you want to say hello to someone who’s out with their dog it’s a good idea to be Walk Your Dog With Lovebrief and let them continue their walk to accomplish their goal.  Your dog will enjoy your undivided attention when you walk your dog with love.
  5. Photographs – I’ll admit I’m guilty of this request when I see a beautiful dog however I’m changing my habit now that I’ve talked to a few dog owners.  Some dog walkers don’t mind if you want to take a photo of their dog and others would rather not be asked at all.  If you do ask to take a photo, don’t be offended when you’re told “no thanks”.  When this happened to me I realized that I need to respect the privacy of people when they are out on a walk with their dog.
  6. Multiple dogs – When you see someone with two or more dogs on a leash, the safest plan is to smile and keep out of their way. If you walk your dog with love, it’s critical to pay 100% of your attention to your dog.  Too many accidents have happened when Walk Your Dog With Loveleashes get tangled or dogs start to bark or simply get distracted.  I’ve seen dogs pull their head out of their collar and run down the street or even worse, both the dog and owner are seriously hurt or hit by a car.

This news brief gives you insight so you can make better decisions about how to respect dog owners when they are out on a walk with their dog.

Share this article with your friends and family to keep them informed about ways to keep their dogs safe on a walk and how to respect other dog owners on a walk with their dog.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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