Walk Your Dog With Love: How to Respect Dogs on Leashes

Walk Your Dog With LoveIf you walk your dog with love every day you’ll have a better mannered dog and a safer experience based on the voluntary comments from local dog owners I’ve heard from about the best guidelines for interaction with people and other dogs when they’re out for their daily walks at all times of day in different settings.

This news brief gives you valuable information to consider when you walk your dog or if you see other people with their dogs in the street so you can have safer socialization without accidental injuries.

Walk Your Dog With Love:  6 Simple Tips For Dog Owners and Dog Lovers

  1. Strangers – Some dogs are afraid of strangers.  The safest thing to do when you see a dog try to run for his life when he sees you get close is to continue to walk by and leave the dog alone.  Dog owners and dog walkers appreciate your respect if you don’t ask to pet their dog while they are on a walk.
  2. Children – You never know how any dog will react to a child and the best thing to do is to stay your distance and look without touching or getting too close to a dog in the street.  Children’s voices are often high pitched and can get a dog excited or nervous.  If you want to walk your dog with love, remember to prevent your dog from getting too close to children in the street.
  3. People with leashed dogs – Common courtesy for dog walkers is to shorten your dog’s leash when you approach another dog and owner on a walk in any location.  Even if you think you have the kindest, well-behaved dog on the planet, you never know how another dog will react.  If a dog walker suggests that you give them extra distance it’s best to respect their request or cross the street.
  4. Conversations – Dog walks are intended to give your dog some exercise and allow your dog to do his business.  If you want to say hello to someone who’s out with their dog it’s a good idea to be Walk Your Dog With Lovebrief and let them continue their walk to accomplish their goal.  Your dog will enjoy your undivided attention when you walk your dog with love.
  5. Photographs – I’ll admit I’m guilty of this request when I see a beautiful dog however I’m changing my habit now that I’ve talked to a few dog owners.  Some dog walkers don’t mind if you want to take a photo of their dog and others would rather not be asked at all.  If you do ask to take a photo, don’t be offended when you’re told “no thanks”.  When this happened to me I realized that I need to respect the privacy of people when they are out on a walk with their dog.
  6. Multiple dogs – When you see someone with two or more dogs on a leash, the safest plan is to smile and keep out of their way. If you walk your dog with love, it’s critical to pay 100% of your attention to your dog.  Too many accidents have happened when Walk Your Dog With Loveleashes get tangled or dogs start to bark or simply get distracted.  I’ve seen dogs pull their head out of their collar and run down the street or even worse, both the dog and owner are seriously hurt or hit by a car.

This news brief gives you insight so you can make better decisions about how to respect dog owners when they are out on a walk with their dog.

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