Missing Dog: 3 Leading Reasons You Could Lose Your Dog

Missing DogYour missing dog could be around the corner, at your neighbor’s house or even worse your dog may have run away and can’t find his way home. Whatever the reasons are, you will find yourself in tears, anxious, worried and depressed if something should happen to your dog.

This short podcast gives you the 3 leading reasons you could lose your dog.  Kristin Ericson, founder of Missing Dogs Massachusetts was kind enough to take time for this interview to help you take better care of your dog.

Dog Health News Podcast Series:  Sit.Stay.Listen. – Kristin Ericsson – Missing Dogs Massachusetts

 Best Ways to Prevent your Dog from Going Lost or Find Your Missing Dog


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Kristin Ericson founded Missing Dogs Massachusetts as a non-profit organization with all volunteers who work to reunite missing and found dogs.

3 Ways Your Dog Can Go Missing

  1. Let out your door – As simple as it is to make sure your dog is leashed before you open your door, you’d be surprised how many dog owners let their dog out without a leash and think their dog will come back when they call.  There are too many things that can go wrong to trust your dog to come when he’s called if he’s scared or distracted.  The best strategy here is to never let your dog out of your home off leash and become a missing dog.  The only exceptions are if your property is gated or enclosed so your dog has no way to get lost.
  2. Transports – Again, when you take a chance and let your dog out of a car or cage, your dog is at risk.  Dogs that are transported as rescues may have had a difficult life and get frightened easily.  Some transports might never have been outside for their whole life so they are not used to the great outdoors.  Transported dogs often need extra protection with the proper leash and harness to make sure they don’t run away.
  3. Stolen – Yes, this is a common occurrence that shouldn’t be ignored.  Even though you may think you live in complete safety, it’s best to keep your eye on your dog at all times so you will not have to suffer with guilt about your missing dog.  This means you might want to lock your doors when you leave your dog alone in your home and never let your dog sit in your car without someone with him. 

The information shared on Sit.Stay.Listen. Podcast Series is meant to give you the help you need to prevent your dog from going missing and also provide you with the steps to take if you find a lost dog.  

Share this podcast with your friends and family so they can keep their dog from becoming a missing dog statistic. You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.  

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I Miss My Dog: What Your Dog Wants You to Remember

I miss my dogI miss my dog every day since he’s been gone and you may miss your dog too, even though you know you’ll lose your dog one day, however your dog most likely wants you to remember the experiences you had together like the little dog who found my friends Lajla and Kim on the Path of the Gods along the Amalfi Coast in Italy that will be missed but not forgotten.

This news brief gives you things your dog wants you to remember when you miss him so you will feel like he’s still by your side when he’s gone.

I Miss My Dog: 5 Things Your Dog Wants You to Remember When He Dies

  1. Your good times – Your dog wants you to go back to the places you spent time with him the most and remember how much fun you had together.  Think about your walks, the beach, the park, and inside your home.  You may even feel the spirit of your dog in the places you spent the most time with him.  At first it might be sad but as time passes it could keep you closer to your dog’s memory and bring you a sense of comfort.
  2. Your quiet times – Your dog spends a great deal of time asleep all day long. If you can picture your dog at rest in your home, by your chair or outdoors it may bring you peace when you say to I miss my dogyourself, ‘I miss my dog.’  Sometimes the best way to remember your dog is to sit in a favorite place and close your eyes to reflect on the love you had with your dog and appreciate him for all he gave to you when he was alive.
  3. Your fun times – Remember your dog as a puppy and all the times he fell over, got into trouble or fell asleep at your feet.  Think about the days at puppy school when your dog learned how to get along with other dogs and you were so proud even when your dog didn’t do what he was supposed to do.  Remember all the holidays, the wrapping paper and the tempting food your dog stole off the table.  Your dog doesn’t want to be forgotten, not for a minute, especially when you say, ‘I miss my dog.”
  4. Your photos – How many photos did your dog pose for?  Your dog definitely wants you to look at your photos as many times as you want to, even if they make you cry.  These pictures will keep your dog close to your heart and remind you of all the fun you had with your dog, your friends and your family.  Share the photos and tell stories about your dog that will keep your dog’s memory alive.
  5. Your love – Your dog is a messenger of love and wants you to remember him after he dies and you say, ‘I miss my dog’ every day.  Your dog knows it will be difficult when you see other dogs in the street or at people’s homes after he passes.  Your dog also understands that you may need another dog to take his place when you’re ready.  It’s ok.  Your dog wants you to have all the love that dogs can give even when he’s gone.

Life Lessons You Can Learn from Your Dog

  • Take a hike – Get some exercise and stay fit.
  • Take a nap – Get an extra hour of sleep to recharge during the day.
  • Take a break – Refocus for creativity and relaxation.
  • Have a snack – Give yourself a treat and enjoy your life.
  • Be a good friend – Give more and be grateful for your friends.
  • Be responsible – Take care of others who often need you more I miss my dogthan you think.
  • Be accountable – Keep your promises and don’t forget to do what you said you’d do.
  • Be kind – Reach out with love just like you would to your puppy.
  • Be patient – Wait, listen and don’t jump to conclusions.
  • Be compassionate – Help others who need you to keep them safe or ease their pain.

This article makes you think about your dog and gives you things to remember that will help relieve your sadness when your dog dies and all you can say is ‘I miss my dog.’  Dogs help humans with unconditional love and teach you lessons in their own voice that are impossible to forget.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have ways to cope with the loss of their dog.  You can depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Love That Dog: How do You Express Thanks for Your Dog?

Love That DogLove that dog’ are words that may be spoken in hundreds of languages all over the world when people talk about their dog and if you watch and listen very closely, you’ll hear stories that will make you smile, break your heart or bring you to tears because your dog fills a need that you often can’t express in words and even when your dog is gone you can still feel that love.

This news brief gives you examples of how you can express thanks for your dog and may inspire you to create your own personal message for your dog.

Love That Dog: Write a Song to Express Thanks for Your Dog

After I lost my dog, Jesse, I went to a place where we sat for hours on end and wrote this song.  You may find words like these to express your thanks for your dog and write a song, a book, a poem or maybe a short note that will help you to capture your gratitude for your dog.

Jesse’s Song

Come lay by my side, Jesse dear.

Come stay with me for a while.

We can stare at the sea and smell the salt air,

Let me feel your warm body next to mine.

Shall I tell you a story of squirrels and birds?

Do you know where the ducks sleep at night?

Let’s run on the sand and discover a treasure

that waits for us like an angel in the light.

Love That DogCome lay by my side, Jesse dear.

Come stay with me for a while.

We can stare at the sea and smell the salt air,

Let me feel your warm body next to mine.

Let’s walk side by side, Jesse boy.

Your sweet soul has touched my heart.

We’ll hug the wind in silence, you and me, Jesse boy.

It was love at first sight from the start.

Come lay by my side, Jesse dear.

Come stay with me for a while.

We can stare at the sea and smell the salt air,

Let me feel your warm body next to mine.

Love That Dog:  Take Action Without Words

  • Your time with your dog when you are out on a walk may be the most beautiful way to express thanks for your dog in silence.  Imagine how grateful your dog must be to enjoy the fresh air, the people and all the other dogs he meets on your walk.
  • Your time with your dog when you are both relaxing in your home is yet another way to appreciate the love you have for your dog.  Imagine how grateful your dog must be to have a roof over his head, food in his bowl and your loving attention.
  • Your time with your dog when you give him a belly rub, a scratch Love That Dogbehind his ears and a kiss on his furry face is a perfect way to express thanks for your dog.  Imagine how grateful your dog must be to have your touch and feel your love in these affectionate ways that soothe his body and make him feel loved.

Love That Dog: Humanity and Responsibility

  • Responsibility – Your personal commitment as a dog owner means everything to your dog.  The best way to express thanks for your dog is to learn the best ways to keep your dog well.
  • Humanity – When you express thanks for your dog, your compassionate kindness spreads over time and is a benefit for mankind.

Note:  This news brief gives you ways to express gratitude and respect for your dog.  Dog Health News has faith that you will find extraordinary ways to thank your dog every day.

Share this article with your friends and family so they will increase their expressions of thanks for their dog so these acts of kindness will spread globally.  Love that dog.

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Dog Loss: What You Can Do For Your Dying Dog at Home

Dog Health News™  - Dog LossDog loss happens to all dog parents and the emotional impact can leave you in a state of depression that might last for months so you may want to think about what you can do to ease your pain before you lose your dog and consider all your options for your dog’s quality of life as he ages or as you and your dog deal with his terminal illness.

This news brief gives you 3 reasons why it’s important to talk to your dog as he approaches the end of his life so you and your family can cope with the emotional pain of losing your dog.

Dog Loss and 3 Things You Can Say to Your Dog

1. Have a conversation with your dog – You may want to sit down with your dog, look into his eyes and let your dog know that he has choices to make about his health.  This idea may seem odd, but you talk to your dog all day long and even if your dog doesn’t understand your words, he’ll understand the energy you send him with your expressions and your body language.

2. Talk to your dog about his choices – The first choice for your dog is his final visit to your vet to say goodbye and then how you will deal with your dog loss after euthanasia.  The second choice is for your dog to stay at home and spend as much time with you as he can.  The third choice may be for your dog to let himself go and be at peace with his pain or illness. You may be surprised at the reaction from your dog after you talk about these choices and you might feel a tremendous weight lifted from your shoulders.

3. Give your dog time to communicate – Your dog’s body language, sounds and movements, like his paw on your leg or a twist of his head will tell you how he feels. Your dog can tell when the end is near and he will let you know if he wants to lie down away from you and your family or be comforted by you and snuggle so he doesn’t feel alone.

3 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Vet About Dog Loss

1. Alternative Medicine – Ask your vet if there are any holistic alternatives to reduce your dog’s pain.

2. Hospice & Home Care – Ask your vet if there are any dog hospice and home care services near you to help you and your dog get through your dog’s illness, aging years or your dog’s final days.

3. Euthanasia – If you are faced with a life or death decision, ask your vet if you can avoid euthanasia and find out how to allow your dog to pass naturally.

Ways to Take Care of Yourself, Your Family and Your Pets When Your Dog Dies

Grieve – You and your family may need to cry and release stress to cope with your dog loss.  Give yourself as much time as you need to get over the loss of your dog.  Other pets in your household may also feel the loss, start to whine and act up which means they need your affection and support.  The process of grieving is denial, anger, guilt, sadness and acceptance.

Pet-loss Support Hotline – Call your vet and ask for support groups that you may tap into to share your feelings and get over your sorrow after losing your dog.

Journal – Write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal.  You can also write a poem or a short story about your dog to express how you feel after you’ve lost your dog. 

This news brief gives you 3 reasons to spend time with your dog while you cope with the challenge of losing your dog.  It also gives you questions to ask your vet and ways you can take care of yourself, your family and other pets in your home when your dog dies.

Share this news brief with your friends and family so they will have a reference list of what they can do when faced with the loss of their dog.  You can always expect the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Loss: How You can Ease the Pain of Losing Your Dog

Dog Loss

One of the subtle lessons you might learn through dog loss is how to deal with losing a family member or a dear friend, but there are some other ways to lose your dog that most people don’t think of like a devastating divorce, a relocation for employment, allergies, a financial crisis and other life changing situations that can cause you lots of grief.

I give you 3 stories below which tell you how different types of dog losses force dog parents like you to look at how to move on even when the pain is almost impossible to bear and there doesn’t seem to be any hope for a solution.

3 Stories About Ways to Deal With Dog Loss

  1. Divorce: No words can describe the pain when your marriage fails and you have to leave everything behind you including your beloved and precious dog who has been your solace in a struggling relationship.  This is my story and I grieved over my loss of my dog for over 10 years.

Good Boy Jesse - Dog Loss


The solution was to publish a book about my dog, Good Boy Jesse, which made me focus on the happy experiences instead of the sadness.  Now that my dog Jesse has passed, I have my fondest memories documented in an uplifting book that entertains all ages and helps others by providing ways to keep their dog healthy and well.

2. No Dogs Allowed: Dog loss in this case is not because your dog dies, but your grief is the same or worse.  Picture a widow who got a dog to help with the loss of her husband.  After three years, she’s forced to sell her home and found a roommate who promised she could bring her dog Katie along, but finds out that her new roommate has changed her mind about allowing a dog in her house because of her cats.

Giving Your Dog Away - Dog Loss

The widow and her dog had many emotional moments that include anxiety, depression and frustration.  Even though it was the most difficult decision to make, Katie, a classic black Scottie, now lives a happy life in a loving home. Katie’s original owner feels lucky, but dog loss like this makes her miss her dog every day.

3. Service Dogs: It takes time and rigid discipline to train a dog to be a service dog and the people who need these wonderful dogs depend on them for years as their guide through life.  When a service dog ages, the dog parent and the service dog’s entire household experiences a unique loss with many challenges both emotional and financial.

Service Dog - Dog Loss

This story is about an autistic woman who is now faced with the expense of a new service dog and the added emotional stress of dog loss when she must say goodbye to her best dog friend and life companion who helped her every day.  Funds are being raised to help get this woman get a new German Shepherd service dog who has been selected for her.

Stories like these happen daily all over the world.  Broken hearts and limited funds are just the tip of the iceberg but the emotional effects of losing your dog are just as challenging, like for the widow above, when your dog is still alive and you must part ways.

Share these real life stories with other dog parents who may need help to cope with this kind of dog loss and expect to get the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News™.

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