Dog Health: Do You Really Need to Worry About Dog Flu?

Dog HealthDog health headlines with warnings about dog flu epidemics may be necessary to alert dog owners and other dog professionals of the need to protect dogs from getting infected however the hype can also create unnecessary panic about your dog’s health, a rush to get your dog vaccinated and the fear that humans are at risk from dog flu which results in additional dog health expenses, stress and potential added harm to your dog’s health from medications.

This news brief gives you the cold facts so you can take better care of your dog when you hear about a widespread occurrence of dog flu in your community.

Dog Health: 4 Facts to Remember about Dog Flu

  1. Viruses – Canine flu has many strains like H3N2 and H3N8.  The canine influenza virus (CIV) is most often passed in dog parks, doggie daycares, kennels, animal shelters and grooming or veterinary facilities.  Other possible places that viruses can be shed are boarding facilities, pet stores and competitions.  This means that the chances your dog can get infected is in close contact with other dogs and not outdoors or in casual contact.
  2. Susceptibility – There is no restriction on what breed, gender or age dog is more apt to get infected with dog flu.  Your dog may Dog Health get the flu and never show symptoms.  Another positive dog health fact is that the death rate for dog flu is less than 10 percent.
  3. Vaccines – You might think that canine flu vaccines will keep your dog from the flu however dog vaccines, like human vaccines don’t prevent infection.  The best strategy for your dog’s overall health is a nutritionally balanced diet as well as avoidance of places where large groups of dogs are together like doggie daycare, especially when you hear about outbreaks of dog flu.
  4. Duration – After your dog has been infected with dog flu you may see symptoms in 2 to 3 days.  The virus peaks in 3 to 4 days and declines quickly when your dog’s immune system kicks in.  If your dog continues to cough after 10 days it may be due to a respiratory tract infection and could lead to bacterial pneumonia and other dog health problems.

Dog Flu Symptoms

  • Cough – Your dog’s main symptoms will be a hacking cough or periods of persistent coughing and spasms or gagging.
  • Rhinitis – Your dog’s nose may get stuffed up and cause him to have difficulty breathing.
  • Laryngitis – Your dog may have a raspy bark and have trouble swallowing.
  • Loss of appetite – Your dog may not want to eat because he’s lethargic and might have a sore throat or swollen glands.
  • Fever – Your dog may pant excessively and drink more water than usual.


Treatment Options for Dog Flu

  • Antibiotics – Check with your veterinarian about doses of glucocorticoids to relieve your dog’s cough.  It’s important to know that these drugs will not cure canine influenza or shorten the duration of your dog’s virus.
  • Isolation – Your sick dog should be isolated and hydrated in a warm humid environment.  A good dog health strategy is to bring your dog into your bathroom when you take a shower to help your dog breathe if he has dog flu.
  • Holistic products – You can use eucalyptus oils on your dog’s skin around his chest and face to help your dog breath.  Add Dog Health echinacea to your dog’s food for additional support for your dog’s immunity system.

Note: Bring your dog to your veterinarian immediately when you see any of the about symptoms so you can prevent your dog from developing pneumonia.

This news brief gives you 4 facts about dog flu, symptoms and treatment options that will help you take better care of your dog if he contracts canine influenza.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have the information they need in case their dog gets the flu.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Happy Puppies: 5 Reasons Your Puppy Makes You Feel Good

Happy PuppiesHappy puppies may get your attention a lot faster than a cute baby because you are attracted to a round furry face, large eyes and the carefree behavior of adorable puppies as they explore their new world, and make you smile when they fall over, get up, shake themselves off and do it all over again because most healthy puppies are fearless bundles of joy.

This news brief gives you the 5 key reasons you may benefit from having a dog in your life and why puppies have that effect on humans.

Happy Puppies: 5 Reasons You Love How You Feel With Your Puppy

  1. Puppies change your mood – If you want to experience instant happiness and positive energy in a room full of people, just walk into the crowd with a puppy in your arms.  Babies and puppies have a way to change your mood and make you relaxed because your body releases dopamine in this happy state of mind.  It’s almost impossible not to smile when you see a puppy and that’s why you feel so good.  This mood change to a happier state of mind reduces your stress and ultimately keeps you in a good mood for a long time.
  2. Puppies give you play time – When you’re with happy puppies, the focus is on playfulness and that increases your desire to forget about your troubles and let yourself act like a child again.  healthy puppiesYou may find yourself on the floor with your puppy while you watch her chase a ball or pounce on a toy. What a great opportunity to take a break and hold a sweet lovable puppy in your arms. 
  3. Puppies give you love – Your puppy gives you unconditional love that often exceeds your expectations and makes you feel as though you are the most important person in the world.  The love you share with happy puppies may even keep you from depression if you are lonely.  Taking on responsibility for a puppy gives you a job that requires kindness, understanding and forgiveness which translates into love and makes you feel good.
  4. Puppies give you positive socialization – Studies have proven that puppies provide positive energy for people who are uncomfortable with certain types of communication.  The innocence and vulnerability of a puppy takes your attention off of yourself and gives you a reason to smile.  You may even be able to talk to your nonjudgemental dog more easily than you can talk to your friends and family.
  5. Happy puppies keep you healthy – Statistics show that people who live with a dog have less risk of high blood pressure.  Dog owners tend to have lower levels of anxiety and handle chaotic Happy Puppieschallenges much better.  This means that puppies and dogs actually keep you healthier because you are out for walks, calmer, happier and less stressed. 

This news brief gives you reasons why you feel happy when you’re with your puppy or if you see a happy puppy and may inspire you to take better care of your puppy

Share this article with your friends and family so they know how their puppy keeps them happy and healthy.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Health: Does Your Dog Look and Act Just Like You?

Dog HealthDog health issues that develop in your dog often reflect your behavior and personality more than you think and it could be a surprise wake up call when you realize that your sick dog suffers from stress, dehydration and lack of sleep because you work too hard, don’t drink enough water and stay up late or even worse you spend as much money on your dog’s health as you do on your own medications.

This news brief gives you signs to watch for in your dog’s actions and health that mirror your own physical ailments so you can take better care of yourself and your dog.

Dog Health: 7 Clues that Your Dog is Imitating Your Behavior

  1. Exercise – Does your dog love to exercise?  If staying in shape is a priority, most likely your dog is in good shape and loves to exercise too.  You may have selected a large dog like a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd to run or walk with so the both of you stay fit and trim.  If your dog has a little extra weight on him and tends towards a short walk you may want to increase your number of walks every day to help burn off those pounds together. 
  2. Eating – Does your dog love treats?  Take a look at your own eating habits and see if you are a healthy eater or a snacker.  If your dog is at a good weight, no problem.  If your dog is overweight, it’s time to focus on a better dog health diet and cut out the snacks, change your diet and increase your exercise pattern with your dog.
  3. Sleeping – Is your dog napping all day?  If you are at home during the day your dog will do what you’re doing.  This means that if you’re reading, watching TV or working on your computer, your
    dog may sleep the day away.  A good idea is to take breaks and go for short walks to make sure that your dog’s energy is at a Dog Healthhealthy level to keep your dog’s heart and body active.
  4. Barking – Does your dog bark incessantly?  One reason your dog barks is for attention, however dog health behavior problems can develop if your dog barks because he’s in a stressful environment and overly excited.  You may want to observe when your dog is barking and figure out if it’s based on something going on in your home like loud music or he’s feeling neglected.  Your dog may also be mimicking the voices in your home so he feels like part of your family.
  5. Socializing – How well does your dog socialize with people and other dogs?  A good clue about your dog is his behavior in the street with people and dogs.  Your well trained dog walks on a Dog Healthleash and is guided by you to keep walking.  If your dog barks, pulls or jumps at people and other dogs, you may want to get extra dog health advice and training to curb your dog’s behavior before and prevent accidents or injuries. 
  6. Unfocused – Is your dog all over the place?  If your dog runs around your house and yard, barks, gulps down some water, grabs a toy and finally rests for 2 minutes before he starts this pattern up again you may want to look at your own behavior in your home.  Sometimes a simple change of habit can make a big difference in your dog because your dog follows you around.  You can test this dog health theory by slowing down your pace to see if your dog’s behavior changes over a week’s time.
  7. Happy – Is your dog just plain happy to see you and at ease?  If your dog is a pleasure to be with and you don’t have any issues, his behavior does have something to do with the way you live your life and how you treat your dog.  Keep doing what you’re doing and help others do the same for their dog.

Note:  You may want to investigate dog insurance as a financial strategy to be prepared for your dog’s unexpected health problems.

This news brief can help you pay closer attention to the signs your dog gives you to take better care of your dog and your own health.

Share this article with your friends and family so they can take a closer look at their dog’s behavior and health in order to watch for health issues that are in common like weight gain and stress.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News. 

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Dog Health: 10 Reasons You Should Fire Your Dog Sitter

Dog HealthDog health responsibilities remain in your hands as soon as you become your dog’s steward and bring your new puppy or adult dog into your home which means you need to ask yourself who you will entrust your dog with when you can’t be by your dog’s side and what your non-negotiable written guidelines should be to protect your dog before your dog gets injured or lost because your dog sitter was wrong for the job.

This news brief gives you the top 10 reasons to fire your dog sitter if they can’t be trusted to take care of your dog.

Dog Health: The Top 10 Reasons You Should Fire Your Dog Sitter

  1. Undependable – If your dog sitter has a habit of canceling or is consistently late you should start to look for someone else to take care of your dog.  This type of behavior indicates that your sitter is not accountable which means that your dog is not safe in this person’s hands.
  2. Forgetful – If your dog sitter forgets things like the key to your house or filling your dog’s water bowl you may want to let him go right away.  Anyone that’s not on top of simple dog health tasks might not be a good caregiver for your dog.
  3. Lazy – If your dog sitter is not passionate about all the things that you want him to do while you’re not home you should find Dog Health someone that cares more about your dog than you do.  A lazy dog sitter is unsafe around your dog because he will take chances like not using a leash which can endanger your dog’s welfare.
  4. Dishonest – If you suspect that your dog sitter has stolen money or other items from your home it’s time to give him his notice and get someone you can trust in your home with your dog.
  5. Texting – If you see your dog sitter texting while he’s walking your dog, you need to let him know that this is not safe dog health practice or find another sitter who will focus on your dog when he’s out with your dog.
  6. Phone calls – It’s important to set guidelines on phone calls for your dog sitter and not allow him to talk on his phone when he walks your dog for your dog’s safety.
  7. Ear Phones – You need to have guidelines for your dog sitter as to when he can listen to music using ear phones.  If your dog sitter breaks your dog health rules, he needs to understand that he may be fired.
  8. Cars and leashes – As a dog owner, it’s best to set rules for when your dog must wear a leash and whether or not your dog sitter is allowed to take your dog in a car.  If your rules and guidelines are not followed, find another dog sitter right away.
  9. Substitute sitter – If your dog sitter substitutes someone when he can’t make it without your approval and review, fire your dog sitter immediately.
  10. Overcharge – If you find that your dog sitter’s rates are higher than others in your community you should find out what he’s doing for your dog that would justify the cost or give him notice and find someone else.  Ask yourself if the price includes extra dog health benefits before you make your decision.

Dog Health This news brief gives you food for thought about your dog sitter’s responsibilities and how you want to manage them for the best care of your dog so you don’t have to deal with any accidents, surprises or even worse, your dog could go missing if your dog sitter is not trustworthy.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have the information they need to choose the best dog sitter and take better care of their dog.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Health: Holiday Tips for Your Dog’s Safety at Home

Dog HealthDog health risks increase dramatically when any holiday season approaches, especially Christmas and New Year’s Day, because you may be distracted with extra responsibilities that cause stress and even worse, your dog might get ignored while you decorate your tree, wrap gifts and focus on your family and friends, leaving your dog at risk in your home for all kinds of accidents or possible toxic poisons like chocolate and alcohol that are too easy for your dog to reach.

This news brief gives you holiday tips to keep your dog safe in your home during the holiday season so you can help prevent a visit to your local animal hospital in the middle of the night.

6 Dog Health Holiday Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe

  1. Doors and fences – Your dog could get lost in the shuffle of activity when you go in and out of your home or open your door and fence to let friends, family and guests enter over the holidays with gifts and food.  The best strategy to keep your dog from running out the door or sneaking out of your yard is to make sure your dog is either safe in his crate or in a room where your dog has water and a few dog toys that he can play with.  Another dog health solution is to arrange for a dog sitter when you know you can’t take full care of your dog.
  2. Ornaments and wrapping paper – Your dog loves new things and is very curious, so the colorful Christmas ornaments, ribbon, and Dog Healthwrapping paper can be quite tempting to play with or even worse, your dog could choke on any of these things and get seriously hurt.  You can help prevent your dog from these types of accidents by storing gifts in a closet or locked drawer, put all your wrapping material in a secure place away from your dog and take care to never leave your dog alone in the room with your Christmas tree to prevent dog health accidents or injuries.
  3. Holiday lights – Your dog may be attracted to the lights on your tree and in your windows during the holiday season and could also accidentally knock over candles and cause a fire in your home.  You can’t be too careful about the potential dangers from electrical outlets, bulbs and many other holiday decorations that your dog could find interesting to eat or play with when you turn your head for just a minute. 
  4. Food and Sweets – You may want to put a humorous dog health warning on your dog that says, ‘Don’t feed me no matter how much I beg you or how much you want to be my forever friend’.   Dog HealthYour dog can get sick very quickly from rich food, chocolates and party snacks that your friends and guests casually put in your dog’s mouth.  The dangers of wrapped candy are even worse because your dog can choke on the paper, plastic or foil that covers chocolate kisses, candy canes and boxed chocolates. 
  5. Alcohol – Your dog might knock over a few glasses of wine or a guests precariously placed alcoholic beverage with his tail as your dog winds his way through your home during the holidays and your dog could try to help clean up the mess by licking the alcoholic beverage off the floor.  A good dog health idea is to tell your guests to keep their drinks in a place that your dog can’t reach and to have someone responsible for removing cups and glasses during your holiday party.
  6. Dog holiday costumes – You never know what your dog will do to get an itchy or annoying foreign object like a hat or costume off his body.  Some dogs have choked on strings or fur and your dog Dog Healthcould swallow parts of a costume like a bell or button.  As cute as your dog may look as Santa Claus or a reindeer, you may want to remove his costume after everyone has taken his photo so your dog has a safe holiday in your home.

Dog Health on Holidays:  Observations by a Westie named Magee

  • Keep an eye on your dog during the holidays so he doesn’t get into any dangerous situations like bowls of toxic food and chocolate that need to be taken out of your dog’s reach.
  • Give your dog plenty of safe toys to play with so he’s not tempted to get into trouble and pull something off your tree or open up a box of candy when you’re not home.
  • Arrange for your dog to be in a safe place during the holidays.  This means that you may want to bring your dog to a friend’s house if you have a party even though your guests love your dog.

Dog HealthNote: Special thanks to Suzie Weldon for the photos of Magee in her home with a Dog Christmas Tree created for the Salem Christmas House Tour.  Suzie takes extra dog health care to keep Magee safe during the holidays by spending more time together under her watchful eyes.

This news brief gives you 6 helpful holiday safety tips to keep your dog healthy during the holiday season.

Share this article with your friends and family so they are reminded how to keep their dog safe over the holidays.  You can depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Health: What You Want to Know Most About Your Dog

Dog HealthDog health questions come from all corners of the world because you love your dog and want to know how you can take the best care of your dog even if you need to hold back on treats, make sure your dog doesn’t get fat and perhaps spend a few more dollars to be certain your dog has the highest quality health coverage that will give your dog a long and healthy life.

This news brief gives you the most frequently looked for information related to dog health so you can see what people like you want to know about their dog’s health.

Dog Health: Top 12 Things You Want to Know About Your Dog’s Health

  1. Can Dogs Eat Bread? – You can give your dog an occasional bite of bread, however you want to avoid any breads with raisins or sugar.  Two other concerns are yeast or the possibility that your dog is allergic to wheat.
  2. Symptoms of Neurological Disorders in Dogs You Need to Know – You should look for changes in your dog’s behavior that could be a sign of a neurological problem like seizures to if your dog presses his head against the wall.
  3. Can Dogs Eat Quinoa – This gluten-free, high protein super food is good for your dog as long as you cook it carefully and only give your dog a small quantity. Dog Health News wants to remind you that uncooked quinoa should not be given to your dog because of an unseen toxic chemical called Saponin that usually coats the outside.
  4. Can Dogs Eat Rice? – There are 2 main reasons to feed your dog brown rice: diarrhea and digestion issues. 
  5. Causes of Your Puppy’s Bad Breath – Leaky gasses, dental problems and kidney disease are 3 possible causes of bad breath in your dog.  Always check with your vet when your dog has bad breath.
  6. Dog Health  Dog Health News wants to remind you to consult with your vet whenever you notice your dog has excessive hair loss.
  7. How to Heal a Nasty Dog Eye Infection – There are 2 simple things you can do at home for your dog’s eye infection.  You can dip a cotton ball in a bowl of warm salt water and wipe around the outside of your dog’s eyes to help keep your dog’s eyes clean.  You can also take a cooled off chamomile tea bag that has already been in hot water and place it on your dog’s CLOSED eyes for a minute to help relieve red or infected eyes.
  8. Dog Ear Infections – You can keep your dog’s ears clean by using a soft cloth dipped in room temperature green tea.  Another was to help prevent dog health problems and infections in your dog’s ears is strain the juice of 1/2 lemon in a cup of distilled water.  You can use an eye dropper to put 10 drops of this lemon water mixture in your dog’s ears once a week, especially if your dog swims regularly.  Remember to wipe the inside of your dog’s ears with a soft cloth to remove excess liquid.

This short article gives you common areas of concern for dog owners who look for answers on the internet when things go wrong with their dog.  We hope that the information above will help you take better care of your dog.

Dog Health

Share this news brief with your friends and family so they are aware of the common concerns for dogs.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Health & Cars & Motorcycles: How Safe is Your Dog?

Dog Health

Dog health concerns don’t enter your dog’s mind when you ask your dog if he’d like to go for a ride because your dog probably associates your invitation with a chance to smell the outdoors, see the world and be out with you, however your dog is also at risk for many health injuries and infections when you allow your dog to hang his head out your car window or ride on your motorcycle with the added chance that your dog might even jump out in the street and get seriously hurt.

This news brief gives you facts about the dangers of letting your dog hang his head out your car window or ride on your motor bike so you can take better care of your dog.

(Photo credit – Lajla LeBlanc@2015)

Dog Health and Vehicles: 6 Warnings for Your Dog’s Safety

  1. Bumps & Swerves – If your dog is not restrained in your vehicle when you’re driving, your dog may have trouble staying seated as you change lanes, speed up and slow down.  I can still picture my Golden Retriever, Jesse, trying to keep his balance on the back Dog Healthseat even when I was careful about taking turns. The safest plan is to secure your dog and keep your dog’s head inside your car when you drive over 25 miles per hour.
  2. Pebbles & Dust – Unless your dog wears a helmet and sunglasses, there’s a good chance that debris from the road like pebbles and tire dust will get in your dog’s eyes.  The best dog health strategy is to drive on a quiet road under 25 miles per hour if you want to allow your dog to hang his head out your car window or ride on your Harley.
  3. Ears – Your dog’s delicate ears are subject to ear infections, swelling or permanent hearing loss when your dog’s head is exposed to too much wind and various air temperatures as well as the debris that is blown inside your dog’s ears.
  4. Escape – Your dog could be tempted to jump out of your car window when he sees another dog or a squirrel.  A good dog health safety plan is to make sure your windows are not open wide enough for your dog to jump out of or fall out of.  You may also want to keep your car windows closed when you are in stop and go traffic so your dog is safe.  This means that you need to keep your vehicle at a comfortable temperature that’s safe for your dog.
  5. Accidents – Your dog could be at risk of injury from another vehicle that gets to close when your dog’s head is hanging out of your window.  This means you want to be aware of the dog health dangers to your dog’s head from impact with things like rear view mirrors that jut out from other cars and trucks.
  6. Motorcycles – If you take your dog out for a ride on your motorcycle there are many safe attachments to use for your dog’s safety and comfort. Your dog is at serious risk of injury when he is unrestrained on any kind of motor bike.

Dog HealthNote:  Your dog may love to have the wind in his face and enjoy the ride, however it’s your responsibility to be sure that you think carefully about the dog health risks before you allow your dog to hang his head out of your vehicle’s window over 25 miles per hour.

8 Causes of Accidents or Injury to Dogs in Moving Vehicles

  1. Petting your dog
  2. Using your arm to restrict your dog’s movement
  3. Playing with your dog
  4. Looking at your dog
  5. Feeding your dog a treat
  6. Holding your dog in your lap
  7. Reaching into your back seat to hold your dog

This news brief gives you facts about the dangers and risks when you let your dog ride unrestricted with his head hanging out of your vehicle’s window or on your motorcycle so you can consider other dog health strategies to keep your dog free from harm in the future.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have information on car and motorcycle safety that will help them take better care of their dog and their whole family.

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Dog Health: 6 Reasons You Can Be Grateful For your Dog

Dog HealthDog health and human health have a lot in common, like the importance of a balanced diet and exercise, however your dog also provides extra benefits that you can be thankful for and your dog delivers these values without the use of words but you feel the results when you see her happy face and wagging tail every day without exception unless you’re not keeping your part of your relationship which changes everything for you and your dog.

This news brief gives you 6 reasons why you can be grateful for your dog just in case you haven’t thought of them by yourself.

Dog Health: 6 Heartwarming Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Dog

  1. Good Listener – Your dog listens to you whenever you are together. Even though your dog can’t give you advice in a language of spoken words, the mere fact that your dog listens is something to be grateful for.  Humans have a need to feel important and your dog shows her love by lending her ears with no complaints or judgement.
  2. Forgiving – Your dog may not be happy with a short walk instead of a long one or being told to get off your bed, however your dog will forgive you within minutes and forget about it.  Good dog health includes stress reduction so remember that your dog does have feelings and you want to be caring about the privilege of your dog’s ability to forgive.
  3. Flexibility – Your dog can change his state of energy with the tone of your voice.  If you want your dog to be playful, she’ll respond with your enthusiasm.  If you need your dog to be quiet, you can use a softer voice and commands.  You can be grateful for your dog’s ability to go with the flow and always be ready to have a good time.
  4. Funny – Your dog is a non-stop source of laughter because she just wants to have fun.  Whether it’s chasing a ball, tilting her Dog Healthhead or rolling around in the grass, your dog is a source of entertainment that relieves your stress, makes you smile and also promotes good dog health behavior.  I’m sure you can think of dozens of stories to tell that describe how funny your dog is.  That’s enough to be grateful for right there.
  5. Love of life – Your dog is constantly searching for toys, treats and other ways to entertain herself every day.  This type of behavior is catchy and you can be grateful that your dog keeps you active, entertained and feeling happy.  Keeping up with your dog helps you stay healthy which can result in a longer life for you and your dog.
  6. Humanity – Your dog teaches you to be more thoughtful and loving with only 3 main dog health requests; food, shelter & companionship.  What better reason to be grateful to your dog.

Dog Health This brief article gives you reasons to be grateful for your dog and make you feel happier about all the responsibilities of dog ownership when you remember all the benefits you get from your dog.  What are the things you can do to take better care of your dog?

Share this article with your family and friends so they can think about the reasons they’re grateful for their dog and ways they can take better care of their dog.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Health: 5 High Priorities on Your Puppy’s Wish List

Dog HealthDog health looks like a slam dunk when you have an adorable bundle of energy in your arms that often resembles a stuffed animal and you can’t imagine anything will go wrong with your dog because you’ll take such good care of him until you find yourself calling your vet after your puppy swallows part of his toy or even worse, you end up in the animal emergency hospital after your puppy falls down your stairs.

This news brief gives you the 5 items your puppy has on his wish list that will help you take better care of your dog so you don’t have regrets when things go wrong.

Dog Health: Your Puppy’s 5 Top Priorities for a Long Healthy Life

  1. Wellness Checkups –  Your puppy wants your guardianship to prevent illnesses before they develop into a chronic health condition. Annual vet visits to make sure your dog is healthy may be the one step that will save you money in the long run and give your dog a longer life.  You can also learn how to care for your dog at home by doing simple things like brushing your dog’s teeth and grooming your dog regularly.
  2. Dog Health Strategy – Your puppy doesn’t want to be a financial burden and would love to have the same options you have for health insurance.  The best time to think about dog health insurance is when you first get your puppy so the payments are lower and you’ll be prepared for any accidents or illnesses down the road.
  3. Puppy School – Your puppy wants to learn to behave in a safe way with your help.  This means that your puppy needs to understand who’s in control and how he can be safe at home, in the street, with other dogs and with strangers.  Enrolling your dog in puppy school is one of the best ways to be a responsible dog owner.
  4. Nutrition – Your puppy wants a diet that won’t make him sick or cause him to gain weight, like those extra treats that may not be Dog Health good for dog health because they add calories.  This means that your dog wants you to read labels on packaged dog food to make sure there’s nothing toxic in the ingredients.  Ultimately, your puppy would like to eat nutritionally balanced homemade food that’s not processed so he can live a healthier life.
  5. Exercise – Your puppy’s favorite wish is for daily exercise outdoors in the fresh air so he can breath in the smells, keep his brain alert and stay fit, not to mention his needs for elimination on a regular basis.  Exercise is critical for dog health because of the activity your dog needs to stay lean, be agile, prevent stiff joints or develop arthritis.

This article outlines the 5 bare necessities on your puppy’s wish list that will keep your dog healthy.  Dog Health News encourages you to start with these items and suggests that you learn more about all the options available for dog health insurance when you bring home your new puppy.

Share this list with your friends and family so they’ll have the information they need to take better care of their puppy.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

Dog Health

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Dog Halloween Costumes: 5 Dog Clothes Health Warnings

Dog Halloween costumesDog Halloween costumes or any opportunity to dress up your dog can be entertaining for your whole family however there are potential health dangers to your dog if you choose the wrong outfit that could drive your dog mad and even worse, your dog might hurt herself by trying to tear off the costume and you may end up with an unplanned visit to your vet.

This news brief gives you health warnings about dog costumes for holidays like Halloween so you can take better care of your dog.

Dog Halloween Costumes: 5 Dangers When You Dress Up Your Dog

  1. Fabric – Your dog could have an allergic reaction to the material in a Halloween costume.  The signs to watch for are when your dog scratches or itches at her costume or you see a red rash.  One cause might be the fabric itself or the costume could have been washed with detergent and fabric softeners that your dog is allergic to.
  2. Dog Halloween costumesObjects on dog costumes – Your dog may not be happy about wearing a costume and she might chew at things like pom poms, strings, bells, feathers and wires.  If your dog accidentally swallows any parts of her dog Halloween costumes, you may end up in your local emergency animal hospital because your dog might require surgery to remove the foreign object.
  3. Costume fit – Your dog does not like to have extra clothing that feels tight or pinches your dog’s skin, face, tail, stomach, legs or neck.  Make sure that your dog’s costume fits loosely so your dog is not prone to a rash, irritation or swelling.  Your dog could become aggressive and chew at the costume to try and remove it.
  4. Watchful eye – Your dog should not be left alone when she’s wearing a costume of any kind.  Risks range from your dog getting her dog Halloween costumes tangled on a fence or Dog Halloween costumesfurniture which could lead to an injury or life threatening situation like strangulation.  Additional dangers to your dog are chocolate, alcohol and treats that strangers or family members give your dog at parties and on holidays.
  5. Noise – Your dog may become anxious with all the noise and celebration that comes with holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Tips on Holiday Clothing for Your Dog

• Keep it simple – Your dog will have a great holiday without the embellishments of foreign objects that feel uncomfortable on your dog’s body. 

• Keep your dog on a leash – The best strategy to use with dog Halloween costumes is to never leave your dog alone when your dog is Dog Halloween costumesdressed up and to keep your dog on a leash.  After the fun and photos, take off your dog’s outfit and let her relax and be safe.

• Keep your dog’s breed in mind – Let your dog enjoy the holidays without a costume if your dog is hyperactive or has any health issues like allergies.  You can add a leash with a holiday design or tie a colorful bandana around your dog’s neck to add fun for the holidays.

Note: Your dog will be safer if you keep her dog Halloween costumes on for a short time and remove it after you’ve taken photos or gone for a walk to show off your dog’s outfit. 

This news brief gives you the dangers of costumes for your dog and tips to keep your dog safe so you don’t take any chances with holiday decorations.  You also want to take precautions around holiday treats like chocolate which is toxic for your dog.

Dog Halloween costumesShare this article with your friends and family so they are informed about the potential dangers for their dog if they decide to dress their dog up for holiday fun.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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