Can Dogs Eat Almonds? 3 Hazards to Avoid for Your Dog

Can Dogs Eat AlmondsCan Dogs Eat Almonds?” might be a question you’ve just asked yourself as you munch on a handful of healthy raw almonds in your yogurt, however even though you won’t find almonds on a list of toxic nuts for dogs, you do need to understand the dangers for your dog’s health if you decide to share your almonds because your dog chews food differently than you do and has a more sensitive digestive tract so you don’t want to give your dog a treat that will cause him pain or even worse, get lodged in your dog’s throat.

This news brief gives you 3 hazards to avoid for your dog so you are aware of the best ways to allow your dog to eat almonds.

Can Dogs Eat Almonds? 3 Hazards to Avoid When You Give Almonds to Your Dog

  1. Choking – There’s always a chance that your dog will discover a bowl of almonds in your home because of your dog’s keen sense of smell and indiscriminate desire to eat anything that seems like a food item.  The other problem with almonds is that they are hard to chew and often get swallowed whole by your dog which could result in choking or all kinds of trouble in your dog’s intestines, windpipe, stomach or colon.   All dogs are at risk to choking from a lodged almond in their esophagus or windpipe.
  2. Fluid retention – This is another health reason why you may ask, Can dogs eat almonds?  Except for raw almonds, most almonds come in packages that have a high percent of sodium which is Can Dogs Eat Almondsvery dangerous for your dog, especially if your dog has a heart condition.  You may think your dog will love the taste of barbecue or jalapeño flavored almonds, however you could end up causing increased fluid retention in your dog as well as intestinal discomfort, vomiting and bloating.
  3. Pancreatitis – Almonds contain a high amount of fat and saturated fat that can cause inflammation of your dog’s pancreas.  If your dog has eaten almonds and starts to show signs of lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea you should bring your dog to your local animal emergency hospital immediately.  Can dogs eat almonds?  The answer is yes, however, remember that a small handful of raw almonds has 120 calories from fat.

Note:  Dog Health News recommends that you keep any flavored, sugared, salted or candied almonds and nuts strictly out of your dog’s reach and diet.  The spices, salt and other ingredients can be harmful to your dog’s stomach, pancreas and heart.

3 Ways to Keep your Dog Safe Around Almonds in Your Home

  1. Prevention – The best plan with almonds or any snack food in your home is to keep them out of your dog’s reach.  That means that you may have to take special care to put food on higher tables so your dog can’t easily sniff out a dish of tasty almonds. 
  2. Rules for guests – Can dogs eat almonds? Some people may not know that nuts are dangerous for dogs so it’s best to tell your guests and prevent accidental harm to your dog.  I’ve seen very Can Dogs Eat Almondsclever dogs who can quickly grab snacks off a plate before you blink your eye and even if you love having your dog with you, the best plan is to keep your dog in a safe place away from your guests and food when you have company in your home.
  3. Nutritional value – If you want to add protein, fiber, calcium and iron to your dog’s diet you can mix some almond meal into your dog’s regular daily meals.  The final answer to the question, Can dogs eat almonds? may be yes, however, you must also be careful because of the added calories your dog needs to burn off to stay healthy and trim.

Now you have the hazards to avoid if you choose to give your dog almonds as a high protein and fiber treat so you can take better care of your dog, avoid unexpected expenses for medical care and prevent your dog from harmful lifelong health problems.

Share this article with your friends and family so they know about the possible dangers of almonds for their dog.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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