Lyme Disease in Dogs: How To Stop Hostile Bacteria

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Lyme disease in dogs is not only a health risk to your dog if you don’t know how to recognize the symptoms and you may be increasing your dog’s chances of developing kidney disease if you fail to use the vital steps outlined below.

These steps ask that you simply spend a few minutes checking for nasty and sometimes viral ticks your dog could be carrying into your home that can end up on your family’s skin and cause even worse problems that affect the health of everyone in your household and cost you money in vet and doctor bills as well as medication.

Lyme disease in dogs

The facts you are about to read on ticks will help you understand lyme disease in dogs and what you can do for tick control so your dog can still enjoy the great outdoors and not be a feeding source for nasty ticks who love to clam onto unsuspecting animals to bite and transmit bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi.

The blacklegged tick and many other types of ticks are active when the temperature is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit which lasts from early spring to early fall in the Northeast parts of the United States.  Most dogs who are exposed to Lyme disease don’t get sick but your dog may be carrying the disease for months.

Ways to Stop the Risk of Infection of Lyme Disease in Dogs

  • Daily Tick Control:  If your dog is exposed to tall grass and areas where ticks are known to be a serious problem, you know you should be checking your dog for ticks at least once a day.  Removing the tick within 12 – 24 hours is the best way to stop the risk of infection because ticks must feed for at least 12 hours before they can transmit the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.  The places to look for ticks are mostly near your dog’s ears, between your dog’s toes and on the underside of your dog’s legs called the “armpits.”

Lyme disease in dogs

  • Tick Prevention Products and Tick Collars:  Always consult with your veterinarian if you decide to use parasite preventatives and also keep your yard trimmed if ticks are prevalent in your area.  Rose Geranium essential oil can be applied to your dog’s collar as a natural tick repellent.
  • Vaccinations for Lyme Disease in Dogs:  The jury is out on this method because the number of dogs that contract Lyme disease usually recover fairly quickly and there is a chance that the vaccination can contribute to the problems related to the immune response to the bacteria.
  • Early Symptoms of Lyme Disease: Lameness, fever, lack of appetite, lethargy, runny eyes and nose and weight loss.  Call your veterinarian immediately when you notice these signs so you can take care of your dog’s health before further damage is done that will cause kidney disease and a high vet bills that could be eliminated with early detection and treatment.

Lyme disease in dogs

You have just read about ways to stop the risk of Lyme disease in dogs that can save you the expense of vet bills and help prevent your dog from more dangerous consequences like kidney disease.  Dogs who develop kidney disease become extremely ill and may not respond to treatment.  The best practice to keep your dog and your family healthy is always early detection of symptoms and immediate treatment.  Share this article and watch for more dog health strategies to make your dog well from Dog Health News™.

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