Healthy Food for Dogs You Can Pick From Your Kitchen

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Healthy food for dogs isn’t as hard to discover as you might think, but if you are lazy and don’t read and fully understand all the ingredients on packages of commercial dog food when you’re shopping for healthy food for your dog,  your defenseless dog may be harmed by the toxic chemicals in the dog food you put in his dog dish and it may lead to very expensive trips to your vet and reduce the chances your dog has to live a long healthy life which will make you wish you did your homework and took full responsibility for selecting healthy food options for your dog rather than suffering from guilt for short changing your dog’s balanced nutritional needs.

This news brief gives you a list of healthy food you can safely add to your dog’s diet from your own kitchen and dangerous preservatives to watch for on commercially packaged dog food labels.

Healthy Food For Dogs

Healthy Food for Dogs You Can Safely Add to Your Dog’s Diet

  • Apples.  An apple a day can also apply to your dog since it provides fiber, vitamin A and C as well as cleans your dog’s teeth and promotes good dog breath.  One warning is to be sure to remove the apple seeds and the core so your dog won’t choke.
  • Baby Carrots.  A great low calorie crunch that’s good for your dog’s teeth and contains fiber, beta carotene and vitamin A.  Make sure you either shred or dice carrots for smaller dogs.
  • Chicken.  Another healthy food for dogs is cooked chicken and it’s a high protein treat that can be added daily to your dog’s dish with no guilty feelings.
  • Cheese.  After you make sure your dog is not lactose intolerant you can add cottage cheese and reduced fat cheese a few times a week.
  • Eggs.  You can have brunch with your dog and share a scrambled egg for protein, selenium and riboflavin.  If you do this make sure the temperature is right and it’s not too hot for your dog’s tongue and mouth.
  • Green Beans.  A crunchy low calorie snack that is healthy food for dogs are raw or cooked green beans as long as you don’t add any salt.
  • Oatmeal. Plain cooked oatmeal that has been cooled down is another healthy source of fiber, helps with your dog’s irregularity and is a great option for dogs who are allergic to wheat.
  • Peanut Butter.  Another healthy treat for humans and dogs is raw, unsalted peanut butter because it’s high in protein and contains vitamin B, E and niacin.  Filling a hollow bone with some peanut butter will keep your dog busy for hours.
  • Pumpkin.  Good for digestion and contains fiber, beta carotene and vitamin A.
  • Salmon. Cooked salmon is healthy food for dogs because of the Omega 3 fatty acids that not only keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy but it’s good for your dog’s immune system.
  • Yogurt.  Another source of protein and calcium with the benefit of probiotics.  Make sure you don’t choose any yogurts with sugar, xylitol or flavorings.

Healthy Food For Dogs

You know you should read labels carefully and avoid any dog food that uses chemical preservatives like BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin.  What you have just read will help you when you are shopping for your dog’s food and will help you pick wholesome snacks right in your own kitchen that is healthy food for dogs.

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  1. Great article! I give my dogs pieces of apple, but I remove the skin as well. I think the skin is really difficult for them to digest.
    Janie recently posted..Innovative Ball Fetch GadgetsMy Profile

  2. Another thing… I feed my dogs a raw diet so from time to time, I give them a raw meat bone or a raw chicken bone. Raw bones don’t splinter. The salmonella is a problem for people NOT for healthy dogs with normal immune systems. Be sure to clean up afterwards because of the salmonella. The bones are great as long as they are raw and still moist. I let them knaw at them for around a half hour before throwing the bones away.
    Janie recently posted..Innovative Ball Fetch GadgetsMy Profile

    • Janie,
      Thank you for your comments and valuable information about salmonella. Feel free to share your ideas anytime. I really appreciate it so people and their dogs will get the best information from Dog Health News and people like you who are careful about what they feed their dogs.

  3. I have heard raw bones are good but my vet steers me away from them. Pork bones can cause pancreatitis so I am a little Leary. Chicken bones splinter I thought!! Great article. I do give carrots( not too many though because of sugar content) green beans and apples.

    • Thank you for your comments and tip about pork bones. You’re right about chicken bones and the same thing goes for turkey bones… they can splinter, get caught in your dog’s throat or pierce skin in your dog’s mouth. Looking forward to hearing from you again… Roberta

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