Dog Treats & 9 Sneaky Ways Your Dog Becomes Overweight

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Dog Health News™- Dog treatsDog treats, love and attention go together when you bring your new dog home followed by more treats for your dog when he learns to sit, stay and piddle outdoors however the calories in your dog’s treats can put extra pounds on your dog in very little time and your dog may come up with ingenious ways to endear for more treats and secret handfuls of table scraps that can cause your dog to become overweight and be at risk of health issues like diabetes.

This news brief gives you 9 ways your dog may trick you into added treats so you can keep your dog healthy and prevent your dog from becoming overweight.

Dog Treats & 9 Clever Ways Your Dog Gets Extra Snacks

1. The Paw – Your dog quickly learns to give you his paw and gets a treat in return.  You know your dog has learned how to increase his portion of treats when you notice that your dog offers you his paw several times during the day, looks at you with his head tilted slightly and follows you to the kitchen where you give him a treat.  These additional calories can make your dog fat if you don’t give your dog extra exercise.

Rottweiller Puppy - Dog Health News - Dog treats2. The Look – Your dog may learn how to simply look at you and pull at your heart strings if he’s able to stare you down long enough to get dog treats for just being adorable.  Watch out for how many times your dog does this before he ends up on a diet because of his weight gain.

3. The Trick – You’re so proud of all the tricks your dog can do that every time you have company or meet someone in the street with your dog, you give your dog a treat for a trick.  These treats pack on pounds so keep count of the tricks and treats before you find your dog can’t roll over like he used to because he’s too round.

Dion - Dog Health News - Dog treats4. The Flirt – Your dog knows that a little flattery goes a long way and he may also have figured out how to flirt with your friends and family members so they sneak him dog treats just to be nice to your dog.  It may be wise to keep friends and family advised that you’re the only one that gives your dog any treats so your dog will be less apt to put on weight when you aren’t looking.

5. The Floor – If you’ve got a small child in your family that drops or spills food on the floor, your dog is probably right there at the moment the food hits the floor licking up the Cheerios and milk, cookie crumbs and pieces of unwanted meals.  Keep an eye on your dog at the table so he doesn’t overdo the clean up, gain weight or worse than that, your dog could eat toxic substances and need to be rushed to your local animal hospital.

Dog treats6. The Thief – You may have a very smart dog who watches where you keep his dog treats and your dog will sniff out the bag when you least suspect it.  Always keep your dog’s treats in a safe place out of your dog’s reach.

7. The Nudge – Your dog may use a more subtle technique to get your attention and nudge you with his nose because your dog knows that this clever behavior usually results in a little treat for being so cute.  If you give your dog more than 3 treats a day for being cute you may be the cause of your dog’s weight gain over the years.

8. The Guilt – Your dog may have done something bad like pooped on your rug or destroyed your shoe when you left your dog alone all day.  Be aware of behavior like this that makes you feel bad enough to overdo it with dog treats and cause him to gain weight.  You may want to consider a long walk with your dog instead of a treat so you can spend more time together and not increase your dog’s calorie intake.

Maggie - Dog Health News - Dog treats9. The Whiner –  Your dog may simply whine until you can’t stand it anymore so you give him a tasty treat to quiet down the noise.  If this behavior turns into a chronic habit, you may need professional help from your vet.

This news brief gives you ways your dog may be tricking you into hundreds of extra treats every month.  You now have clues to watch for so dog treats aren’t the cause of your dog’s weight problem that could lead to dog health problems for your dog due to obesity or toxic substances.

Share this article with your friends and family so they are aware of ways their dog may be cleverly adding treats to their diet which puts their dog at risk for life long health issues like dog diabetes.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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