Dog Throwing Up Yellow: When Is Your Dog In Danger?

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Dog Health News™ - Dog Throwing Up YellowYour dog throwing up yellow fluids along with foam might mean your dog has eaten something toxic but there are many causes for your dog to vomit that can range from liver disease to allergies so you need to pay attention to your dog’s behavior at the same time he’s throwing up in order to discover whether you need to get your dog immediate emergency care that could save your dog’s life.

This news brief gives you a guideline to follow when your dog is throwing up yellow bile so you can take steps to keep your dog from internal damages and pain.

Dog Throwing Up Yellow Bile: 6 Common Causes

1. Empty stomach – Your dog’s stomach may be empty of food.  Yellow bile, produced in your dog’s liver is stored in his gall bladder and released into your dog’s small intestine which is below your dog’s stomach.  If the bile irritates your dog, he may have a forceful expulsion of his stomach contents.

2. Grass – Your dog may nibble on the grass in your backyard or on walks.  If you see grass in the foam when your dog vomits you’ll know this is the cause.

3. Gastritis – Your dog may have an inflammation of his intestine that is the cause of your dog throwing up yellow bile.

4. Diseases – Your dog may have conditions like Pancreatitis, Liver Disease, Parasites, or allergies that are the cause of his vomiting. 

5. Foreign body – Your dog may have an object stuck in his throat that causes him to vomit.

6. Medication – Your dog may have a reaction to medication and vomit.

Dangerous Symptoms to Watch for When Your Dog Vomits

• Loss of appetite

• Lethargy

• Diarrhea

• Blood in your dog’s vomit

• Yellow gums

Note: Call your vet immediately if your dog vomits more than once, looks like he’s in pain or has any of the above symptoms.

Dog Throwing Up Yellow:  2 Steps You Can Take To Help Your Dog at Home

1. Frequent small meals – You may help your dog with more frequent meals in small quantities.  This simple change may keep your dog’s stomach full and reduce the bile in your dog’s small intestine so he won’t feel the need to vomit.

2. Boiled hamburger and rice – You can withhold food from your dog for 24 hours and add a bland diet of small servings of boiled hamburger and rice.  If your dog does not throw up you can start him back on his regular diet.

This news brief gives you the 6 common causes of dog throwing up yellow bile and the steps you can take to help your dog at home.

Share this news brief with your friends and family so they know what to do if their dog throws up yellow bile and foam.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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