Dog Poop: How Mishandling It Can Lead to Fatal Diseases

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dog poopToxic dog poop can seriously harm your dog when it is left where your dog can get ahold of it like when it’s not picked up immediately from your back yard or in dog parks or on the street.

Because people are buying dogs in record numbers, I expect that more diseases will be contracted through dog parents who selfishly leave their dog’s poop for others to clean up or for dogs and children to innocently get exposed to deadly poisons.

Do you ever leave your dog’s poop without picking it up from your yard or other places? You know that you are responsible for picking your dog’s poop up.  The common myth is that dog poop is good for the environment, but the truth is that there are toxins in your dog’s bowel movements.  The parasites that grow in dog waste can cause infections in pets and humans, especially children.  After reading the below dog health warnings, you will know that cleanup is critical to the health and wellness of your whole family.                                                                                          

Top 5 Dangers of Leaving Your Dog’s Poop Wherever it Falls

  1. Contaminated water:  Dog feces is high on the list of contributors.  When you leave dog waste in the street it eventually finds its way into storm drains which leads to streams, rivers and ground water.
  2. Parasites living inside dog poop can cause infections through the skin or by accidental ingestion.  This means that things like whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and other bacteria can be passed to another pet or person through your dog’s poop.
  3. Roundworm larvae, often found in dog feces, causes blindness.  When people touch soil, toys or anything that might have had contact with dog waste, it can go through the body causing disease to kidneys, liver, brain, lungs or eyes.
  4. Dog waste does not make good fertilizer.  It discolors and burns the grass and is toxic to your lawn.  Parasite eggs can linger for years, so walking barefoot, gardening or playing can be a risk even years after the dog poop is gone.
  5. E. Coli and other bacteria found in pet waste can cause serious kidney disorders as well as intestinal problems in humans.

Keeping these poop warnings in mind when you are walking your dog will hopefully help you to know why it’s important to clean up the poop.

3 Easy Ways to get Rid of Your Dog’s Poop

dog poop1.  Bag It

  • Using plastic bags to pick up your dog’s poop is the most common technique.
  • Always make sure the bag is big enough and doesn’t have any holes.
  • Empty bread bags or morning newspaper bags are great because they’re oblong and help keep the dog poop in the bag and not on you.
  • Pull the bag over your hand like a glove and pick up the poop.  Then pull the open end of the bag over your hand and the poop will be in the bag.  Knot it and drop it in the nearest trash can.
  • You can also flush your dog’s poop down the toilet and dispose of the plastic bag in the trash.

2.  Scoop It

  • Pooper Scoopers cost about $15 – $25 and are another option that allows you to eliminate waste without having to bend down and get close to the unpleasant dog poop.  The drawback is that it’s one extra thing to carry when you’re out walking your dog.

3.  Waste Digester System

  • If you like a high-tech solution, these in-ground systems work like a septic tank.  The waste digester system simply liquefies the dog waste and drains the liquid into the surrounding soil.
  • Locate a spot that’s out of the way in your yard and dig a hole about 4 feet deep.
  • Install the digester keeping the lid above the ground.
  • Deposit your dog’s poop in the digester, add some digester mix that comes with it and add water.
  • Close the lid on the dog poop mixture and the digester will do the rest.

Now you know the serious consequences that can be caused by you not picking up your dog’s poop.  Watch for more strategies to make your dog well from Dog Health News™.

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  1. Sandra Hexner says:

    I had no idea that it’s so dangerous to leave our dog’s poop where ever she does her business in the yard. We’ve noticed that ours has gotten a little out of hand, and don’t really even want to spend time in the yard anymore. Your article is very informative and I’ll have to hire a pet waste company to make sure that we get it cleaned up frequently. Your point that it can even contaminate our very own drinking water. Thanks for letting me know.

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