Dog Health Insurance: Accidents Happen to 1 in 3 Dogs

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dog health insuranceYou may move dog health insurance to the top of your list of “must haves” for your dog after you read about George, a lovable 10-1/2 year old English Yellow Lab that now suffers from pain in his hips and back ever since he was hit by a car when he was 5 years old.  Accidents like this happen to 1 out of 3 dogs under the age of 5 and cost dog parents millions of dollars as well as additional dog health care responsibilities for their injured dogs.

This news brief tells the story about a car accident involving two dogs in Massachusetts and it highlights the reason that you should investigate health insurance for your dog.

Dog Health Insurance:  Will Your Dog be Covered for Injuries in an Accident?

About 5 years ago, Chris, who lives in Georgetown, Massachusetts never expected to be in a car accident one afternoon when he was out for a routine walk with his two beautiful dogs.  In the wink of an eye, Chris was pinned down with his dogs by a car that was pushed into him by another car.  

George, Chris’s 5 year old English Lab that was in perfect health suffered injuries to his hips and lower back after he was run over by the car but Chris’s other dog died instantly from the impact.  Fortunately, Chris’s dogs’ hospital bills were paid by the driver who caused the accident.  If this was a hit and run accident, Chris would have had to pay thousands of dollars for George’s hospital bills or even worse, put him down if he didn’t have the funds to pay for George’s surgery and future health care treatments.

Chris and his wife Tracy never thought twice about doing whatever it took to have George’s injuries taken care of.  Now, the pain in George’s hips and back slow him down but George is one happy dog with a great personality and lives a good life thanks that the other driver had insurance to pay for his medical expenses.

Is Dog Health Insurance Right For You and Your Dog?

Jack L. Stephens DVM, founder of pet health insurance in the U.S. and Founder of Pets Best Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats wrote an article that addresses the options and benefits for dog parents.  Here are a few bullets from this article:

• “Dog health insurance helps dog owners pay for unexpected medical events that happen frequently and infrequently to dogs.  It covers visits, treatments, surgery, diagnostics and even emergency visits for dogs. Even routine dog care can be added for additional premium, when dog owners want coverage for wellness visits, immunizations, teeth cleaning or annual diagnostic screening test.  Dog insurance is a type of property insurance and is regulated by each State Department of Insurance, with all the license, financial reserve and reporting requirements of an insurance company.” ~ Jack L. Stephens DVM

• “Surveys of dog owners demonstrate that due to limited discretionary income they will put their dog to sleep if the cost is more than $1,400 on average.  However, with insurance the average dog owner can afford $7,000 in dog cost and still only be out of pocket the affordable $1,400.” ~ Jack L. Stephens DVM

• “To summarize whether dog insurance is right for you, consider the following questions.

1. Is the health of your dog very important to you?

2. Do you seek veterinary care when your dog is ill or injured?

3. Do you like to operate on a budget?

4. Do you prefer to use insurance to mitigate or reduce your risk?

5. Will you do whatever it takes to restore your dog’s health?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, then dog health insurance would be a wise choice for you to fit into your monthly budget process for unexpected and costly accidents and illness that can happen to your dog.” ~ Jack L. Stephens DVM

This news brief gives you an example of how a car accident could have impacted Chris and Tracy’s budget and the well being of their dog George.  It also gives you questions to consider when you look into dog health insurance so you can make an informed decision.

Share this article with your friends and family so they can make a wise choice about dog insurance for unexpected and costly accidents that can happen to their dogs.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

Hope you took some great value out of this post today! I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts or questions. Also, you can publish your own dog health news …Thank you!

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