Dog Health: 6 Reasons You Can Be Grateful For your Dog

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Dog HealthDog health and human health have a lot in common, like the importance of a balanced diet and exercise, however your dog also provides extra benefits that you can be thankful for and your dog delivers these values without the use of words but you feel the results when you see her happy face and wagging tail every day without exception unless you’re not keeping your part of your relationship which changes everything for you and your dog.

This news brief gives you 6 reasons why you can be grateful for your dog just in case you haven’t thought of them by yourself.

Dog Health: 6 Heartwarming Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Dog

  1. Good Listener – Your dog listens to you whenever you are together. Even though your dog can’t give you advice in a language of spoken words, the mere fact that your dog listens is something to be grateful for.  Humans have a need to feel important and your dog shows her love by lending her ears with no complaints or judgement.
  2. Forgiving – Your dog may not be happy with a short walk instead of a long one or being told to get off your bed, however your dog will forgive you within minutes and forget about it.  Good dog health includes stress reduction so remember that your dog does have feelings and you want to be caring about the privilege of your dog’s ability to forgive.
  3. Flexibility – Your dog can change his state of energy with the tone of your voice.  If you want your dog to be playful, she’ll respond with your enthusiasm.  If you need your dog to be quiet, you can use a softer voice and commands.  You can be grateful for your dog’s ability to go with the flow and always be ready to have a good time.
  4. Funny – Your dog is a non-stop source of laughter because she just wants to have fun.  Whether it’s chasing a ball, tilting her Dog Healthhead or rolling around in the grass, your dog is a source of entertainment that relieves your stress, makes you smile and also promotes good dog health behavior.  I’m sure you can think of dozens of stories to tell that describe how funny your dog is.  That’s enough to be grateful for right there.
  5. Love of life – Your dog is constantly searching for toys, treats and other ways to entertain herself every day.  This type of behavior is catchy and you can be grateful that your dog keeps you active, entertained and feeling happy.  Keeping up with your dog helps you stay healthy which can result in a longer life for you and your dog.
  6. Humanity – Your dog teaches you to be more thoughtful and loving with only 3 main dog health requests; food, shelter & companionship.  What better reason to be grateful to your dog.

Dog Health This brief article gives you reasons to be grateful for your dog and make you feel happier about all the responsibilities of dog ownership when you remember all the benefits you get from your dog.  What are the things you can do to take better care of your dog?

Share this article with your family and friends so they can think about the reasons they’re grateful for their dog and ways they can take better care of their dog.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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