Dog Health: 10 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Daily Walk

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Dog Health News™Your dog health exercise plan should not be limited to your dog’s 3 daily walks for elimination because when your dog doesn’t get enough exercise for any reason like you’re too busy to take him out or your dog doesn’t behave well on a leash, he may become overweight, lose muscle strength… even worse your dog can develop bad habits like obsessive licking which can lead to painful hot spots and skin infections.

This news brief gives you 10 reasons your dog needs a daily walk and what kind of exercise is good for your dog.

Dog Health: 10 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs A Daily Walk

1. Elimination – Your dog needs short walks to relieve himself.  This means that your dog’s walk has a purpose and is not for play or games.

2. Mental stimulation – Your dog needs time to relax, sniff around, stop and mark a spot.  You can also use this time to train your dog with commands to keep his mind active.

3. Exercise – Your dog needs movement to stretch his legs and get his heart rate elevated.  Exercise is critical for dog health to keep your dog’s weight down and prevent arthritis and other joint diseases.

Dog Health News™4. Training – Your dog benefits from exercise, bonding with you and continued learning of basic or advanced commands.

5. Socialization – Your dog has opportunities to learn good behavior on leash with other dogs and benefits from exercise.  Socialization is a great way for your dog to build confidence because he will have experience meeting other dogs and not be afraid.

6. Laziness  – Your dog needs your help to create activities to keep him active.  A daily walk tires your dog out and gives him a chance to use his legs for aerobic exercise which is good for dog health.  When you play ball with your dog and give him some challenges like a run up a steep hill you will keep your dog from getting lazy.

7. Agility – Your dog needs to use his legs and other muscles to keep up his strength.  No matter what size dog you have, your dog needs to get out and be limber to stay healthy.

8. Digestion – Your dog needs activity and exercise to keep his body active and not get constipated.

Dog Health News™9. Bad behavior – Your dog needs to release energy in a healthy way instead of destroying your home by knocking over furniture or chewing on your shoes.  Daily walks with your dog does wonders for your dog’s behavior and dog health because your dog will use his energy in positive exercise sessions outdoors with you.

10. Longer life – A daily walk with your dog has been proven to extend the health of most dogs and gives you more time to spend with your dog.

Dog Health:  How Much Exercise is Good for Your Dog?

Daily  Your dog benefits the most from daily aerobic exercise in 20 minute sessions to get the most out of his routine to raise his heart rate and burn calories.

Weekly – Your dog needs to exercise 3 times a week at a minimum to maintain muscle tone.  Weekly walks with your dog are the best strategy to prevent dog health issues and keep your dog from becoming obese.

This news brief gives you 10 reasons why your dog needs daily walks and how much exercise is good for your dog.  You can also see that daily walks are good for your health for the same reasons they are good for your dog’s health.

Share this article with your friends and family so they are informed about the reasons their dog needs daily exercise to keep their dog healthy.  You can depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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