Dog Food Allergies: What Causes Your Dog’s Itching?

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Dog Health News™ - Dog food allergiesDog food allergies account for 40% of your dog’s itches and scratches right after flea bites, the #1 cause, and you might be surprised at which ingredients in your dog’s food could be the culprit for your dog’s allergic reactions so it’s in your dog’s best interest to learn about his allergies to help prevent your dog from continuous vet visits and unplanned life long dog health expenses.

This news brief gives you the top ingredients in your dog’s food that may cause him to have an allergic reaction that makes your dog so itchy he can’t stop scratching his skin.

8 Top Ingredients that are a Cause Dog Food Allergies

1. Beef

Puppy on Stairs - Dog Health News - Dog food allergies2. Dairy Products

3. Chicken and Chicken Eggs

4. Lamb

5. Fish

6. Corn

7. Wheat

8. Soy

Note: This list correlates with the most common ingredients in commercial dog food.

Diagnosis of Dog Food Allergies: Food Trials and Elimination Diets

• Food trials – A 12 week trial consists of feeding your dog a novel food source of a protein and carbohydrate your dog has never eaten before like rabbit, rice and potato.  Your dog cannot be given the following: treats, flavored toothpaste, flavored medication of any kind, flavored plastic toys, rawhide, pig’s ears and cow hooves.  You will need to keep your dog away from cat litter boxes and other pet’s food dishes.  Your dog can’t roam off leash which means you must have a leash on your dog when he’s outdoors for 12 weeks.

• Provocative testing – Your dog’s diagnosis is proven if your dog’s symptoms return when he is fed his original diet after the 12 week food trial.  A new food trial may be needed until you discover your dog’s specific allergy.

Dog Breeds Prone to Dog Food Allergies

• American Hairless Terrier

• American Pit Bull Terrier

Dog Health News - 4 Puppies - Dog food allergies• Bichon Frise

• Bohemian Terrier

• Brussels Griffon

• Bull Terrier

• Dalmation

• English Cocker Spaniel

• German Shepherd

• Irish Setter

• Lhasa Apso

Dog Health News™ - Dog food allergies• Maltese

• Miniature Schnauzer

• Pekingese

• Poodle

• Pug

• Retrievers

• Shih Tzu

Treatment for Dogs with Food Allergies

1. Avoidance – After you identify the ingredients that your dog is allergic to, the best treatment for your dog is to keep him from eating anything that has the offending product.

2. Short term relief – You can give your dog antihistamines, fatty acids and steroids but the only long-term solution is to remove the products your dog is allergic to from his diet.

3. Diet – You can choose a specially prepared commercial product or a homemade diet for your dog that is nutritionally balanced without the offending ingredients.

4. New allergies – Your dog may develop allergies to new foods after a long period.  If your dog shows symptoms like incessant scratching, be sure to call your veterinarian.

This news brief gives you the top ingredients that may cause dog food allergies, your dog’s symptoms, treatments and a list of dog breeds that are prone to allergies so you can be proactive about your dog’s health.

Share this article with your friends and family so they know the symptoms of dog allergies and can take action to keep their dog from suffering.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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