Dog Chewing Paws: 7 Key Reasons You Need to Know

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Dog Health News™- Dog chewing pawsDog chewing paws may be a clear clue that your dog suffers from underlying health issues like allergies and skin irritations or your dog’s excessive behavior may be the result of boredom so you don’t want to ignore your dog’s body language when she licks and chews on her paws until they are raw and bleed all over her bed because your dog’s condition could spread to other parts of her body and become a frustrating and expensive problem.

This news brief covers the top 7 reasons your dog chews her paws and gives you ways to help your dog eliminate her obsessive and dangerous habit that can seriously harm your dog’s health.

Dog Chewing Paws: 7 Top Reasons Your Dog Chews on Her Paws

1. Boredom – Your dog may spend too much time alone without enough distraction and your dog  ends up grooming herself most of the day.

2. Obesity – Your dog may have mobility issues as a result of arthritis or she’s carrying around too much weight.  Lower activity for your dog leads to licking and chewing because the are not able to get exercise and play.

3. Fleas – Your dog may revert to excessive licking and chewing of her paws because of the continual itch all over your dog’s body as a result of a severe case of fleas.

4. Allergies – Dog chewing paws excessively may be due to itchiness from hay fever, grass pollen, mold, tree pollen and food.  Take your dog to your vet to have her tested for allergies.

5. Pain – Your dog may have a broken toenail or a splinter in her paw.  If your dog only chews on one of her paws you should bring her to your vet immediately so your dog does not get an infection.

6. Anxiety – Your dog may have stress because of new family additions or changes in her environment that cause your dog to over groom.

7. Bacteria – When your dog licks and chews her paws, the dampness can cause infections even if your dog is in good health.  Act immediately when you see your dog chewing paws and take your dog to your vet.

Dog Health News™ - Dog chewing pawsNote:  Certain breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Terriers and Maltese are prone to licking their paws.  Working breeds like cattle dogs, Dalmations and Greyhounds relieve stress by over grooming and licking or chewing their paws.

3 Simple Treatments to Help Your Dog Stop Chewing Her Paws

1. Keep your dog’s paws clean with a medicated dog shampoo.  You can put a sock or bandage on your dog’s paws after they are clean and dry to help prevent your dog from continuous licking and chewing.

2. Give your dog more exercise to help her lose weight and increase her activity so your dog is not bored and idle.

3. Change your dog’s diet and consider homemade dog food recipes that are nutritionally balanced for your dog breed and age.

This news brief gives you 7 top reasons why your dog chews her paws and 3 simple treatments to prevent your dog from more harm and save your dog from future health issues related to infections, allergies and boredom.

Share this article with your friends and family so they will have the information they need to prevent their dog from chewing their paws.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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