Dog Death Risks Even Smart Dog Owners Take

Dog DeathThe top 3 causes of dog death could be the most important areas you should focus on to keep your dog healthy… and it’s everyday things like food and water that can make a crucial difference in how your care as a dog owner affects your dog’s quality of life which includes the life or death decisions you’re faced with when your dog get’s sick.

This dog health article may be the most important piece of information you’ll read to help you take care of your dog and avoid things that harm your dog’s health.  I hope you’ll think about appropriate changes to your dog’s diet and routine after you read this article so you can ensure your dog has the best possible health.

Dog Death Risks:  How Much Does Your Dog Eat, Drink & Sleep?

Early warning signs that indicate your dog may be sick revolve around their diet, hydration and energy levels.  These 3 categories help you to monitor your dog’s health.

  • Food – You may not consider calories when you feed your dog Dog Deathhowever 50% of domestic dogs in America are considered obese.  A good strategy would be to work with your veterinarian and put together a nutritionally balanced diet to keep your dog fit and trim.
  • Water – Many illnesses like kidney and liver disease may Dog Deathdevelop because your dog does not drink enough fresh clean water.  Always keep your dog’s bowl filled and keep track of how many bowls he drinks.  Increased water consumption also indicates health problems like diabetes.  Dehydration is a high risk of dog death.
  • Sleep – Your dog needs between 8-12 hours of sleep every day.  Dog DeathIf you notice changes in your dog’s sleep habits, it may be a sign that something is wrong.  Sleeplessness or lethargy are symptoms of dozens of health issues so it’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian when your dog shows these behaviors.

3 Top Causes of Dog’s Deaths

  1. Cancer – Sadly, cancer is hard to detect and tops the list of dog death causes.  Annual wellness checkups and careful observation of your dog’s behavior is the best way to keep your dog healthy.  Dog breeds prone to cancer include Bernese Mountain Dog, Bichon Frise, Boxer, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Labrador Retriever and Rottweiler.
  2. Diabetes – Obesity and diabetes often go hand in hand as 2 of the top causes of dog death.  This means your overweight dog may be at risk for high blood sugar which leads to her chronic health problems as a diabetic dog. Watch for increased water consumption as one of the early signs of diabetes.  Dog breeds prone to diabetes include Dachshund, Golden Retriever, Miniature Schnauzer, Poodle,
  3. Obesity – Any dog breed can become obese.  When your dog packs on extra pounds from too many calories and limited exercise she may have more risks for diabetes as well as heart, Dog Deathliver and kidney disease.  Dog breeds prone to obesity include Basset Hound, Beagle, Bulldog, Dachshund, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever and Pug.

Now you have information to help you avoid the top 3 risks of dog death as a smart dog owner.  I hope you will check with your veterinarian to watch your dog’s weight and look for early signs of cancer or diabetes so you can prevent your dog from these life shortening diseases.

Share this article with your friends and family so they know how important it is to prevent obesity and watch for signs of diabetes and cancer.  You can always depend of the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Missing Dog: 3 Leading Reasons You Could Lose Your Dog

Missing DogYour missing dog could be around the corner, at your neighbor’s house or even worse your dog may have run away and can’t find his way home. Whatever the reasons are, you will find yourself in tears, anxious, worried and depressed if something should happen to your dog.

This short podcast gives you the 3 leading reasons you could lose your dog.  Kristin Ericson, founder of Missing Dogs Massachusetts was kind enough to take time for this interview to help you take better care of your dog.

Dog Health News Podcast Series:  Sit.Stay.Listen. – Kristin Ericsson – Missing Dogs Massachusetts

 Best Ways to Prevent your Dog from Going Lost or Find Your Missing Dog


Listen to Dog Health News Podcast with Kristin here:

Kristin Ericson founded Missing Dogs Massachusetts as a non-profit organization with all volunteers who work to reunite missing and found dogs.

3 Ways Your Dog Can Go Missing

  1. Let out your door – As simple as it is to make sure your dog is leashed before you open your door, you’d be surprised how many dog owners let their dog out without a leash and think their dog will come back when they call.  There are too many things that can go wrong to trust your dog to come when he’s called if he’s scared or distracted.  The best strategy here is to never let your dog out of your home off leash and become a missing dog.  The only exceptions are if your property is gated or enclosed so your dog has no way to get lost.
  2. Transports – Again, when you take a chance and let your dog out of a car or cage, your dog is at risk.  Dogs that are transported as rescues may have had a difficult life and get frightened easily.  Some transports might never have been outside for their whole life so they are not used to the great outdoors.  Transported dogs often need extra protection with the proper leash and harness to make sure they don’t run away.
  3. Stolen – Yes, this is a common occurrence that shouldn’t be ignored.  Even though you may think you live in complete safety, it’s best to keep your eye on your dog at all times so you will not have to suffer with guilt about your missing dog.  This means you might want to lock your doors when you leave your dog alone in your home and never let your dog sit in your car without someone with him. 

The information shared on Sit.Stay.Listen. Podcast Series is meant to give you the help you need to prevent your dog from going missing and also provide you with the steps to take if you find a lost dog.  

Share this podcast with your friends and family so they can keep their dog from becoming a missing dog statistic. You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.  

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I Love My Dog: 7 Characteristics of Unconditional Love

I Love My Dog‘I love my dog’ could be the most spoken phrase in the world along with ‘I love my kids’ or ‘I love chocolate’, however the unconditional love your dog gives you seems to be universal and yet it’s hard to describe in words, so Dog Health News decided to look deeper into the eyes, heart and brain of your dog to see how they really feel about the power of love.

This news brief gives you the 7 characteristics of unconditional love that your dog exhibits every day and why you give that love right back to your dog unconditionally.

I Love My Dog and My Dog Loves Me: 7 Ways Your Dog Shows You Unconditional Love

  1. No limitations – Your dog has no limits to her thoughts and feelings within her framework of thinking.  In other words, your dog’s mind is open and not judgmental.  Life is a complete bowl of the best dog food, the most wonderful adventure and the highest level of joy.  Nothing is impossible in the mind of your dog.  Isn’t that why you love your dog?  You can see the unlimited possibilities in your dog’s eyes as a reflection of your own desire for freedom.  When you say, ‘I love my dog,’ you might really mean that you love the free spirit your dog has which is all part of the unconditional love you have for each other.
  2. No conditions – Your dog steps up to the plate with focus, clarity and no hidden agenda.  Sometimes your dog looks at you and tilts her head which may make you think she has a question.  More than likely, your dog wonders how long it will take for you to take her for a walk, get her a toy, scratch her head or do any of the incredible things you do that makes your dog happy.  Your dog does not have a hidden agenda, nor does your dog have a long list of conditions she wants you to comply with in order to be your friend. In fact, I bet you’ve said, ‘I love my dog,’ because you’re grateful that your dog never talks back to you, except a few barks and winks once in a while.
  3. Self-acceptance – Your dog comes with a built in sense of who she is as a dog.  Your dog is naked, exposed and in perfect balance with the wisdom to simply be a dog.  Because your dog cares about herself, she spends time to keep her body clean and loves a good run in the fresh air.  Your dog knows when she’s thirsty and I Love My Dogwill eat when she’s hungry.  Sleep comes and goes all day for your dog with no need to watch the clock. ‘I love my dog’ unconditional love fills your heart because your dog is authentic.  This reason alone makes you love your dog because she isn’t being a faker about who she is.  You’ve gotta love that about your dog.
  4. Kindness – Your dog has a sense of compassion that goes beyond words.  When your dog gives you her outstretched paw or licks your face, you get the message loud and strong.  It’s love, unconditional and adoring love.  Your dog can tell if your tired or sad and will sit by your side for hours even if she falls asleep.  Your dog will look back at you on a walk and make sure you’re still there.  There are times when you may be late from work, or you oversleep in the morning, however your dog will forgive you and start the next day off with a clean slate.  These acts of kindness are returned by you as unconditional love when your dog has an accident in your home or chews your favorite slipper.  You’ll just say to yourself, it’s ok, I love my dog.
  5. Innocence – Your dog’s personality is like a 3 year old child who finds joy in so many simple things like a ball, a snowflake or a stick. The innocence of discovery occurs every day in your dog’s life.  A new smell, a visitor in your home, a new toy or even better, an old toy that your dog finds under your sofa can delight your dog and make her tail wag incessantly.  Your dog may get frustrated or anxious if she can’t figure things out or becomes scared, however, your dog has the most amazing natural ability to let things go and she won’t remember the challenge she had the next day.  You may think I love my dog’ because she has the ultimate positive attitude of a child. 
  6. Fragility – Your dog may seem like a superhero, however she is as fragile as any living thing like a flower or a baby. The relationship you have with your dog makes it easy to give each other unconditional love because of the the mutual dependence of dog and owner.  You know that your dog will only be with you for less than 20 years so there is a sense of inevitable loss that comes along with your dog and it results in a powerful bond, often stronger than with your friends and family. You probably tell people ‘I love my dog’ every day and come home to your dog with gratitude for her quiet greeting of barks, hugs and kisses.
  7. Forgiveness – The characteristic of forgiveness can be seen in the expressiveness of your dog’s eyes, the little nudge your dog gives you that reminds you she’s there and some of the sweetest licks I Love My Dogon your face, hands and feet.  Your dog may have asked for more time outside, more scratches on her tummy, or your undivided attention and you know your dog is always looking for forgiveness in case she hasn’t done enough for you.  When you look in your dog’s eyes and say ‘I love my dog’, you may be talking to yourself.  Your dog is the picture of the unconditional love that humans need to stay alive.

This news brief gives you 7 ways to look at the characteristics of unconditional love that your dog gives you naturally so you can relax and feel loved.

Share this article with your friends and family so they can learn more about how their dog shows them unconditional love too.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Care: Vital Things You Want for Your Dog’s Health

Dog CareDog care, like prevention and treatment related to dog illnesses, accidents and expenses, is  high on your priority list for your dog so she can stay healthy, and that’s why Dog Health News asked our readers what key thing was on their wish list when it comes to dog health, and you might want to compare these results with your thoughts about your dog’s health to see what dog owners like you put at the top of their list when it comes to dog health.

This news brief gives you the 8 top things that a survey of dog owners said was the key item they wanted for their dog’s health.

Dog Care: 8 Vital Things People Said They Want for Their Dog’s Health

  1. No pain – There is nothing that touches your heart more than when your dog is in pain, so dog owners who wish that their dog has no pain was not a big surprise.  You would most likely do anything you could to relieve your dog’s pain to make her feel better.  From the chronic discomfort of arthritis to the agony of losing your dog from accidents, illnesses and aging, it’s never easy to deal with pain when it relates to your dog.
  2. Improved appetite – If your dog is a finicky eater it affects her health and that means her immune system can be weakened.  Dog care includes a constant review of the food you give your dog so she gets the right balance of nutrition.  Talk to your veterinarian about all the healthy dog food choices so you can use a variety of foods in your dog’s diet that can improve your dog’s appetite because she likes what you put in her bowl every day.
  3. Best Veterinarian Care – This item is most likely on your wish list too because you always want to have expert veterinary care for your dog.  As a dog owner, you may not have all the information Dog Careyou need to keep your dog healthy or treat your dog when she gets sick or injured.  Dog care responsibilities are much easier when you have access to the best veterinary care so you can have peace of mind about your dog’s health.
  4. Affordable Health Insurance – You may want to check the rates for dog health insurance and compare features when you bring your dog home because this wish list item has become closer to #1 on dog owner’s must haves.  Dog health insurance might be the best strategy for you to keep your dog healthy when your dog ages and things start to happen to your dog’s health like diabetes or heart disease.  It’s worth a look before you find out you wish you had dog insurance to pay for expensive surgery or long term dog care for your dog.
  5. Clear description of what’s wrong with your dog from their Vet – You don’t want a veterinarian that can’t tell you what’s wrong with your dog or refer you to a specialist for another diagnosis.  If your dog has kidney failure or cancer, you need to know the facts and instructions for treatment in clear concise language so you can take care of your dog’s medical needs.  You also want to make sure that your dog’s illness is not misdiagnosed. Always get a second and third opinion if your veterinarian’s diagnosis is not clear enough.
  6. Quality Food – Your dog depends on you to feed her a breed specific nutritionally balanced diet.  Along with adequate exercise, a healthy diet may be the only things you need to do to keep your dog physically healthy.  Dog care related to dog food requires careful review of the ingredients in all the dog food and treats you give your dog.  Yes, there will be exceptions to the rules, however quality food is critical to your dog’s health and that’s why it’s on the dog owner wish list.
  7. What can you do at home for your dog to cut back on dog health expenses – This is an excellent wish list question to ask yourself every day because there are many things you can make at home to feed your dog and save money. There’s a long list of homemade recipes, toys you can make yourself and herbal supplements that help with fleas and dog health.  Dog care costs can be reduced when you look at alternative solutions to your dog’s health needs and work with your veterinarian to pick the right products and supplements for your dog.
  8. Honest and true information at your fingertips – This wish list item is critical because you don’t want to believe everything you Dog Careread on the internet or everything you hear from your friends.  That’s why it’s so important to find a reputable veterinarian you can trust for honest and true information.  You can also reach out to Dog Health News for help with information to lead you to the best sources of trustworthy content to keep your dog well.

This news brief gives you the most common items that dog owners want for their dog’s health so you are informed about the importance of dog care for your dog.

Share this article with your friends and family so they are aware of the top priorities of dog owners for dog health for their dog.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Health News: 9 Biggest Fears That Dog Owners Have

Dog Health NewsDog Health News surveyed thousands of dog owners to find out what their biggest fear was about dog health and the results came in with an alarming similarity to human fears about global health and wellness which reminds us why it’s so important to focus on ways to prevent disease so you can live a longer, fulfilling life and have the ability to take better care of your dog because your dog depends on you for his livelihood and wellbeing.

This news brief gives you the top fears that dog owners have about their dog’s health so you can look at better ways to help your dog stay healthy.

Dog Health News:  9 Top Dog Health Fears of Dog Owners

  1. Death of your dog – The love that you have for your dog is highly evident with the number of responses in this category.  Dog loss is the biggest fear.  Some people feel they don’t know how they will stay happy without their beloved canine companion.  I’m certain you are nodding your head as you read this and are in agreement about this top fear.  This category includes the loss of your dog at an early age which is even more tragic.  The best way for you to get rid of the fear of the death of your dog is to focus on the time you spend together and try to accept that you will eventually part ways.  Dog Health News encourages you to  enjoy your time with your dog every day.
  2. Dog aging –  Of course, you know how difficult the aging process is, however when you have to watch your dog go through the same types of struggles as senior citizens, the fear of your dog getting sick becomes imminent as your dog’s face turns white and your dog suffers from health problems like seizures or diabetes.  If you’ve had these fears, you are not alone.  One way to look at your dog’s aging process is to understand that your Dog Health Newsdog’s life span is shorter which means that you need to be extra careful about your dog’s diet and exercise so you can have your dog around as long as possible.
  3. Dog health finances – The next fear is no surprise with the increased global cost of living for you and your dog.  Dog Health News wonders what your strategy is to care for your dog when you’re faced with medical expenses.  You’re probably amongst the group of dog owners who take really good care of their dog which means that your dog will live longer and this increases your budget as well as the risk for serious health issues as your dog gets older.  One good idea is to look into dog health insurance and weigh your options while your dog is young and healthy.  You may want to set up a small dog health emergency fund to be ready in case of any emergency.
  4. Dog health symptoms – Dog Health News wonders how you would feel if you ignored a symptom like your dog’s chronic cough or your dog’s diarrhea and then you find out that your dog almost died because of your procrastination.  This is a bigger fear than you can imagine because some dog owners are not really aware of their dog’s behavior and some dog owners don’t want to spend money on a vet visit to get a professional diagnosis.  The same fear about your dog’s health occurs with your own health Dog Health Newswhen you’re afraid you’ve ignored a symptom like a sore that’s not healing and you don’t visit your doctor.  Awareness of your dog’s health symptoms is a good approach so you can reduce your fear that something will go wrong with your dog.
  5. Time off from work – Dog Health News discovered that dog owners are afraid they won’t be able to stay home to care for their dog if he’s not well or if their dog need’s emergency care.  There’s an increase in dog friendly office space, however, there’s still the uncertainty related to job security when your company takes note you’ve taken too much time off to care for your sick dog.  To reduce this fear, you may want to search out a service that has people who can stay with your dog if your dog becomes ill.
  6. Dog heart failure – Specific illnesses are the next fears that dog owners have and Dog Health News found that dog heart failure is one of the top conditions that scares you the most.  Dog heart failure is expensive to treat and significantly shortens the life of your dog.  These two reasons alone, besides the reduced quality of life and pain that your dog endures is why dog owners are so Dog Health Newsfearful of a heart problem with their dog.  If your dog breed is prone to heart failure it’s critical to consider dog health insurance before your dog has symptoms and also work with your veterinarian to keep your dog heart healthy.
  7. Cancer in dogs – This is a fear that many dog owners have for breeds like Golden Retrievers since there have been more incidences of cancer in dogs over the years.  Dog Health News wants to remind you that you never know when a non-cancerous lump might develop into lymphoma and your dog could face cancer treatments and/or surgery.  Your dog can be diagnosed with cancer at any age so it’s a good idea to visit your veterinarian once a year if your breed is prone to cancer or you feel a lump under your dog’s skin that doesn’t seem normal. 
  8. Tracheal Collapse in dogs – Yorkshire Terriers are prone to this health hazard where the rings or walls of your dog’s trachea become weak and collapse which will result in the blockage of air so your dog may cough or make a honking sound and gasp to breathe. Dog Health News wants you to help prevent this problem and reduce your fear with these 3 tips:  Keep your dog’s weight down or below the average for his breed, use a chest harness instead of a collar, and avoid foods that may irritate your dog’s throat.
  9. Dog dental issues – The fear of dental problems for your dog makes this list because of the serious health dangers like infections, gum disease and tooth loss.  Dog dental medical costs Dog Health Newsare also very high so dog owners are afraid they may not have the money to pay for their dog’s dental care.  One important way you can help your dog is to implement a routine to brush your dog’s teeth as soon as you bring your dog home.  Dog Health News once again encourages you to ask your veterinarian to help you work with your dog so you can prevent dog dental issues.

This news brief listed the top fears of dog owners with tips that you can use to reduce these fears so you can relax and have fun with your dog.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have the information they need to take better care of their dog and have less fear.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Health News: Stuff You Can’t Trust Your Dog To Do

Dog Health NewsDog Health News wants to ask you to remember your dog is still a dog and that means your dog doesn’t have the knowledge you have about the dangers in your dog’s space so it’s up to you to make sure that you don’t give your dog too much credit for managing her own health because you may end up faced with your dog’s medical expenses for things like emergency surgery and diabetes or even worse, your dog could go missing and never come back.

This news brief gives you a list of stuff you can’t trust your dog to do without supervision and care from everyone in your household as well as the people who care for or spend time with you and your dog.

Dog Health News: 6 Things You Can’t Trust Your Dog To Do By Herself

  1. Streets – You can’t be 100% certain that your dog will safely reach the other side of the street alive or stay in a sit position waiting for you when you get to the curb.  There may be situations where you can train your dog to do this successfully, however, it is never a good idea to trust your dog to cross a street off leash.  Your dog can easily get distracted by traffic, dogs, squirrels or Dog Health Newsloud noises when you are out in the street.  Even the best trained dogs cannot be trusted to stop and look both ways before they cross the street.
  2. Food – Dog Health News wants you to know that you can’t be 100% sure that your dog will eat all the right things to stay healthy.  That’s right, your dog will eat just about anything from a hot fudge sundae to an entire pizza topped with eggplant and pepperoni.  I’ve heard people say that their dog is so smart that they can leave them alone in a room filled with food and they won’t touch a thing.  Don’t believe it.  Your dog will find a way to sneak a bite when you aren’t looking and your dog will never let on that he’s guilty until she throws up or gets diarrhea.
  3. Children – Dog Health News wants you to know that you can’t be 100% safe if you leave your dog alone with a child and that includes using your dog as a babysitter.  Children are full of energy and often have high pitched voices that can overstimulate your dog.  Your children can also be so excited by the playfulness of a puppy that accidents can happen to both your child and your dog.  Too many injuries like scratches, bites and falls can occur if you trust your dog alone with children of any age so the best plan is to always be sure there is an adult in the room with children and your dog.
  4. Pain – Dog Health News also wants you to remind you that your dog can’t tell you when she’s in pain. You may also know that your Dog Health Newsdog may hide an injury because your dog may have the instinct that something is wrong with her.  The best strategy as a dog owner is to be aware of your dog’s normal behavior patterns.  Make note of the number of hours your dog sleeps and how much exercise she gets so you can tell if she’s lethargic.  Watch your dog when you’re out on a walk to make sure that your dog isn’t limping or favoring a leg because she’s in pain or has the onset of arthritis.  You can’t trust that your dog will sit in front of you and whimper if she has aches and pains. 
  5. Yard – Dog Health News has seen too many dogs get loose in the street because they’ve found a way to jump over a fence or crawl under a gate when they decide that there’s something of interest outside of your dog’s space in your yard.  Even if you’ve tied your dog to a runner, things can happen that can harm your dog like a simple accident when your dog’s leash might wrap around your dog’s leg or even worse, your dog could end up choking on something in your yard.
  6. Medication – You may count on your dog to do some things like come when you call him, however, your dog may even try to avoid you if he knows she gets daily doses of injections or pills. Dog Health News knows you can be sure that your dog will not remind you that she needs her medication if your dog has an illness like Diabetes or Heart Disease.  The best plan is to have a check off sheet that you sign off on when you give your dog medication so you can be sure your dog gets her pills or shots every day and you don’t rely on your memory or someone in your household who can’t be trusted 100%. 

This news brief gives you 6 crucial things to remember about your dog so you can take better care of your dog and your family.  Another good idea is to look into dog health insurance when you bring your dog into your home.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have information that may help them keep their dog healthy and safe.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Health: Hard to Swallow Statistics on Dog Shelters

Dog HealthDog health statistics that relate to dogs in shelters show that your dog might have a 30% chance of being returned to you if he ends up in a shelter, however your dog has similar chances of being adopted or euthanized which tells you how important it is to take care of your dog so he doesn’t get lost or given to a shelter as the last resort when you can’t keep your dog in your home.

This news brief gives you the heart-breaking facts about what might happen to your dog if he is relinquished to a shelter or is brought in to a dog shelter as a stray after your dog gets lost.

Dog Health: Nationwide Statistics about Dogs in US Shelters

According to the American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), over 13,000 independent community animal shelters are not monitored by any national organization.  This means that statistics related to animals in shelters are estimates and may vary from state to state.

  • Almost 4 Million dogs enter shelters nationwide annually.
  • Over 1 Million dogs are euthanized nationwide annually.
  • About 1.5 Million dogs are adopted nationwide annually.
  • About .5 Million dogs who enter shelters as strays are reunited with their owners.
  • About 35% of shelter dogs are adopted, 31% are euthanized and Dog Health 26% are reunited with their owners.  These dog health statistics related to dog shelters are about the same every year.
  • There are twice as many dogs in shelters that are strays as compared to dogs relinquished by their owners.

5 Facts About US Dog Ownership Statistics

  1. There are 70 – 80 Million dogs owned in the US.
  2. Almost 40-50% of all households in the US own a dog.
  3. Half of the dog owners in the US heard about their dog through word of mouth according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
  4. About 30% of dogs are purchased through a breeder and another 30% are adopted from a shelter or rescue.
  5. Most dogs are acquired from friends and family. 

Note:  Thousands of dogs are relinquished to dog shelters because owners are faced with unexpected medical bills for their dog.  One dog health strategy is to find out how dog insurance might work for you as soon as you adopt or buy your dog.

5 Ways You Can Change the Statistics in Dog Shelters and Save Dog’s Lives

  1. Adopt your dog from a shelter or rescue. You will be saving the life of a dog that may have been brought to a shelter through no fault of his own.
  2. Ask yourself if you are accountable as a dog owner.  This means that you are committed to all the responsibilities of dog Dog Healthownership including your dog health care, training and care until your dog passes away.
  3. Spay or neuter your dog to help reduce the overpopulation of dogs.
  4. Consider microchipping your dog even if you think you don’t need to do it.  The statistics show that 5% of the dogs in the US end up as strays in shelters.
  5. Put identification tags on your dog’s collar so your dog may be reunited with you more quickly if your dog goes missing.

This news brief gives you statistics about the astronomical numbers of dogs that pass through dog shelters every year in the US so you can take better care of your dog and spread awareness about the number of dogs that live and die in dog shelters in the US.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have the information they need to keep their dog from ending up being a statistic in the worst category.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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I Miss My Dog: What Your Dog Wants You to Remember

I miss my dogI miss my dog every day since he’s been gone and you may miss your dog too, even though you know you’ll lose your dog one day, however your dog most likely wants you to remember the experiences you had together like the little dog who found my friends Lajla and Kim on the Path of the Gods along the Amalfi Coast in Italy that will be missed but not forgotten.

This news brief gives you things your dog wants you to remember when you miss him so you will feel like he’s still by your side when he’s gone.

I Miss My Dog: 5 Things Your Dog Wants You to Remember When He Dies

  1. Your good times – Your dog wants you to go back to the places you spent time with him the most and remember how much fun you had together.  Think about your walks, the beach, the park, and inside your home.  You may even feel the spirit of your dog in the places you spent the most time with him.  At first it might be sad but as time passes it could keep you closer to your dog’s memory and bring you a sense of comfort.
  2. Your quiet times – Your dog spends a great deal of time asleep all day long. If you can picture your dog at rest in your home, by your chair or outdoors it may bring you peace when you say to I miss my dogyourself, ‘I miss my dog.’  Sometimes the best way to remember your dog is to sit in a favorite place and close your eyes to reflect on the love you had with your dog and appreciate him for all he gave to you when he was alive.
  3. Your fun times – Remember your dog as a puppy and all the times he fell over, got into trouble or fell asleep at your feet.  Think about the days at puppy school when your dog learned how to get along with other dogs and you were so proud even when your dog didn’t do what he was supposed to do.  Remember all the holidays, the wrapping paper and the tempting food your dog stole off the table.  Your dog doesn’t want to be forgotten, not for a minute, especially when you say, ‘I miss my dog.”
  4. Your photos – How many photos did your dog pose for?  Your dog definitely wants you to look at your photos as many times as you want to, even if they make you cry.  These pictures will keep your dog close to your heart and remind you of all the fun you had with your dog, your friends and your family.  Share the photos and tell stories about your dog that will keep your dog’s memory alive.
  5. Your love – Your dog is a messenger of love and wants you to remember him after he dies and you say, ‘I miss my dog’ every day.  Your dog knows it will be difficult when you see other dogs in the street or at people’s homes after he passes.  Your dog also understands that you may need another dog to take his place when you’re ready.  It’s ok.  Your dog wants you to have all the love that dogs can give even when he’s gone.

Life Lessons You Can Learn from Your Dog

  • Take a hike – Get some exercise and stay fit.
  • Take a nap – Get an extra hour of sleep to recharge during the day.
  • Take a break – Refocus for creativity and relaxation.
  • Have a snack – Give yourself a treat and enjoy your life.
  • Be a good friend – Give more and be grateful for your friends.
  • Be responsible – Take care of others who often need you more I miss my dogthan you think.
  • Be accountable – Keep your promises and don’t forget to do what you said you’d do.
  • Be kind – Reach out with love just like you would to your puppy.
  • Be patient – Wait, listen and don’t jump to conclusions.
  • Be compassionate – Help others who need you to keep them safe or ease their pain.

This article makes you think about your dog and gives you things to remember that will help relieve your sadness when your dog dies and all you can say is ‘I miss my dog.’  Dogs help humans with unconditional love and teach you lessons in their own voice that are impossible to forget.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have ways to cope with the loss of their dog.  You can depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Dog Lost: Critical Steps for Your Dog’s Health & Safety

Dog LostDog Lost” signs can be found on telephone poles all over the world and statistics show that shelters are busiest on July 5th because of the surge of scared and anxious dogs that run away or are not leashed and kept at home during the 4th of July celebrations when dogs can get spooked by fireworks and even worse, if your dog becomes lost in any situation, the chances of you getting him back are slim to none.

This news brief gives you steps to take for your dog’s safety so you don’t put your dog at risk during holidays like Independence Day that falls on the 4th of July.

Dog Lost: Ways to Prevent Your Dog From Running Away and Going Lost

1. Holidays – The biggest challenge you have around holidays to keep your dog safe are the distractions like cookouts, guests, alcohol, games and fireworks.  Dog Health News™ suggests that you pay careful attention to your dog’s safety when there are crowds, children, other dogs and loud noises like fireworks that can make your dog anxious or scared.  Be sure to leave your dog at home during fireworks activities so your dog will be safe.  It’s also a good idea to have someone at home to calm your dog if he becomes agitated so you don’t ever have to deal with a “dog lost” situation by leaving you dog home alone during the 4th of July.

Dog Health News™ - Dog Lost2. Leashes – Your dog needs to be kept on his leash unless your dog is in a protected area with gates or fences that are impossible for your dog to jump over.  Many dogs develop extraordinary strength from the adrenaline rush if they are spooked by loud noises like thunder or firecrackers.  There may be private parties who light fireworks at any time of day during the Independence Day celebration so your dog needs to be kept on his leash at all times for his safety.

3. Sirens – Your dog may be jolted by the sound of police and emergency vehicle sirens which is another cause for your dog’s erratic behavior and you may find yourself with a “dog lost” trauma that effects your whole family.  This is a warning to make sure your dog is leashed when you are on a walk near main streets or near a hospital.  Take extra care when you travel with your dog in your car so there is no chance for your dog to jump out of your window or be ejected on a bumpy road.

Dog Lost:  7 Steps You Should Take First

Dog Health News™ - Dog Lost1. Call your local Animal Control Officer immediately and report that your dog has gone missing.

2. Put out food with a strong smell where your dog was last seen.

3. Leave a dog bed or towel with a familiar scent where your dog was last seen.

4. Alert your neighbors and your local fire and police department.

5. Post flyers with a photo of your dog, your dog’s name and a number to call and reach you.

6. Call your dog’s microchip company to verify that they have the correct information on file for your dog. 

7. Visit local shelters immediately and see if your dog has been brought in before it’s too late.

Note:  You can learn more about what to do if your dog goes lost from the American Humane Association and sources like Missing Dogs Massachusetts in your state.

This news brief gives you ways to prevent your dog from going lost and tells you the 7 steps to take if your dog is missing.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have the information they need to keep their dog safe and take action if their dog goes lost.  You can depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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Sick Dog: Why Dog Hospice and Home Care Can Help Your Dog

Dog Health News™ - Sick DogYour sick dog may feel better if you find ways to care for your dog in the comfort of your home so you don’t have to leave your dog alone at a time when you want to watch over him and be by his side through an illness or because your dog needs constant medical care that you can’t handle by yourself.

This interview with Heather Merrill, Founder of New England Pet Hospice and Home Care gives you answers to questions you may have about end of life care for your dog and home care for your senior dog.

Sick Dog: The Benefits of Dog Hospice and Home Care

Share this interview with your friends and family so they will have answers to questions they have about care for their sick dog or their senior dog that needs home care.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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