Can Dogs Get The Flu? 6 Germ Facts You Need to Know

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Can Dogs Get The Flu‘Can dogs get the flu?’ may seem like a silly question until your dog starts to sneeze, cough and have a runny nose after he spends time at a dog park where you thought he was safe with a group of healthy dogs and then you find out that your dog caught the flu from one of your friend’s dogs and you’ve got a sick dog and unexpected bills for visits to your vet to get your dog back to health.

This news brief gives you 6 facts you need to know so you can protect your dog from getting the flu and developing pneumonia.

Can Dogs Get The Flu?  6 Dog Health Facts You Should Know

1. Nose-to-nose:  Your dog comes in contact with other dog’s noses every day in your neighborhood streets and your dog park.  Contact with dogs that have canine influenza is the primary way that your dog can get the flu.  Symptoms of dog flu are a high fever, runny nose, red eyes, a cough and sneezing.

2. Dog parks:  If you notice any dogs in your local dog park that sneeze, cough or have a runny nose, you should immediately report it to your veterinarian and dog health officer.  Canine influenza spreads like wildfire and often some carriers of the disease don’t show symptoms.  The answer is yes, to ‘Can dogs get the flu?’

Can Dogs Get The Flu3. Humans:  Dog flu is not contagious to humans.  The germs, however, can be carried on clothing and other items.  If you think you’ve come in contact with a dog that has canine influenza, make sure you thoroughly clean your clothes and wash your hands and face so you don’t spread any germs to other dogs.

4. Kennels: You should inspect the cages and floors at your kennel before you board your dog for doggie daycare or longer stays.  Talk with the owner of your kennel and be sure that none of the dogs are sick before you bring your dog to spend the day.  It’s critical that your kennel be kept clean to prevent the spread of dog flu because even your kennel owner will agree the answer is yes to ‘Can dogs get the flu?’

5. Isolation: If your dog contracts the flu you must keep your dog isolated from other dogs and your dog should be treated by your veterinarian.  You will also need to keep your dog away from other pets in your home like cats who may be susceptible to dog flu.

6. Travel:  Canine influenza strains often come from other countries like Asia.  If you know that dogs in your neighborhood have come from other states or countries, be sure that they are healthy so your dog doesn’t contract the flu from an infected dog.

Can Dogs Get The FluCan Dogs Get The Flu? Dogs at Highest Risk

Pekingese and French Bulldogs are amongst the highest risk breeds for canine influenza because of their pushed in noses that make them prone to respiratory diseases.

Treatment for Your Dog that has Dog Flu

The best thing you can do if your dog has the flu is to give him plenty of rest and fluids.  Your dog should be fine in 2 – 3 weeks if you keep him isolated and cared for in your home.  You can read more about ‘Can Dogs Get The Flu?’ to be prepared if your dog develops symptoms or you think your dog has come in contact with another dog with canine influenza.

Now you know the most important facts about dog flu and how to protect your dog from getting sick so you don’t make your dog suffer or spread germs to other dogs.

Share this article with your friends and family so they have this information to keep their dogs protected from dog flu.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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