5 Ways You Can Inspire Dog Rescue and Animal Welfare

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Dog RescueDog rescue can take place in lots of ways like pet adoption through a shelter, a simple act of kindness when you take in a dog because their owner passed away or when you make a donation to help another pet parent who can’t afford to pay for emergency surgery to save their dog’s life, however there are much more heroic animal rescues that happen every day in ways that may surprise you like the people who do cancer research, jump into icy ponds to save a drowning horse or stop traffic to carry a dog to safety that has been hit by a car.

The human desire to help animals and perform a dog rescue may not be recognized every day but there are millions of generous animal lovers globally who give their blood, sweat and tears plus their money to save the lives of all kinds of animals like dogs, cats, birds, penguins, birds, monkeys, snakes and the noble rhinoceros.

As you read this news bulletin, Dog Health News wants you to think of your family, friends, colleagues and others and organizations that you know who have gone way beyond the call of duty for animal welfare or dog rescue and then consider what action you could take to recognize their work or you could share a personal story of your own to inspire others to do the same.

How to Recognize Pet Rescues and Places You Can Volunteer Your Time And Expertise

Dog Rescue

PetPartners created the Animaltarian of the Year Award and defined an animaltarian as a person who seeks to support animal welfare or an animal who assists to advance human welfare.

Here are 7 questions you can ask yourself to see if you know someone to recognize for being exceptional representatives of animal welfare and pet rescue.  Maybe that someone is YOU!…

1. Who do you know that has gone the extra mile for an animal or dog rescue?

2. What animal do you know that has helped another animal or a human?

3. What animal hospital do you know that has saved a pet with no concern for the cost?

4. Do you know an animal or a person who risked their life to save a human or an animal?

5. Are there service dog training companies that you know that deserve recognition for all the work they do to train service dogs to help people in need?

6. Who are the best vets in your community?

7. Do you know a dog that exhibits extraordinary compassionate behavior that helps people or other animals?

3 Examples of Pet and Dog Rescue and Support

 Baby Owl – my friend found a baby owl that had fallen out of it’s nest and made sure the owl was protected until it’s parents were able to take over.  Often, the parents of owls will not take the baby owl back into the nest if it falls out.

• Stray Dog – my hair stylist took in a stray dog in Maine and gave this little dog a shampoo and haircut before finding him a forever home in spite of the fact that he got little to no assistance from the community.

• Aquatic Therapy – Good Dog Aquatic Fitness helps dogs like 14 year old Conor with therapy to improve mobility when your dog has an injury or suffers from arthritis.

Types of Animal Welfare

• Dog Rescue and shelters for cats 

• Rescue dogs with behavior problems that were transformed with patience, training and love

• Shelters that raise funds to find homes for the animals that come through their doors

• Hospitals that perform miracles for dogs and cats on death’s door to save them from euthanasia

• Situations where euthanasia is the best solution

• Service dogs that help reduce stress and bring joy to people in hospitals

• Specially trained dogs that sniff out drugs, cancer and autism

• Seeing Eye Dogs 

• Police Dogs

• Dog Sitters who have saved a dog’s life

• Dog Trainers who have changed dog’s behavior

• Dog Walkers who go the extra mile in all types of weather

• Dog Groomers who discover illnesses and infections that saved an animal’s life

• Veterinarians who donate their services when needed or work tirelessly to help their clients

• Zoo Caretakers

• Pet Store Employees

• Pet Nutritionists

• Animal Communicators

5 Ways You Can Increase the Spirit of Animal Welfare

1. Encourage others to become an animaltarian.

2. Reward and recognize people and animals who are demonstrating support for animal welfare.

3. If you live in New York City, call 311 to report animal cruelty.

4. If you live in New Jersey, call the NJSPCA at 800-582-5979 to report animal cruelty.

5. In other areas contact your local humane organization, animal control agency, animal shelter or your police department.

This news bulletin gives you ways to recognize, reward and inspire people in your community to do more for animal welfare and dog rescue.  What action will you take to make a difference in one animal’s life?

Share this news brief with your family and friends so they can take action and increase the spirit of animal welfare.  You can always depend on the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

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