5 Safe Home Remedies for Fleas Before You Go To a Hotel

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You know how important home remedies for fleas are for your dog but sometimes no matter what you do won’t stop your dog from attracting nasty blood sucking fleas that live off your dog’s blood and cause your dog to scratch at his constant burning itch which will get infected… and even worse your home may become infested with blood sucking fleas and you may be forced to find temporary shelter that costs you thousands of dollars which will disrupt your entire household for weeks.

Magic - Dog Health News™ - home remedies for fleas

This news brief gives you 5 safe ways to treat your home and dog for fleas.  I also share a real life example about what an 11 year old black Labrador retriever named Magic and her dog parent had to deal with when their home was infested with nasty fleas.

5 Safe Home Remedies for Fleas

1. Natural insecticides –  Kill fleas when they are most vulnerable at the egg and larvae stages.  Use a safe mixture of botanical dust and borate to dust your carpet, furniture and dog bed.  You will want to do this when you and your dog can leave your house for at least 24 hours.  Use a mask while you apply this dust mixture in your home.  Vacuum your carpet and your furniture and wash the sheets on all of your beds when you return.

2. Bowls of water with dish detergent – Put water in a shallow bowl and add dish detergent and put it on the floor so fleas will jump in and die.  You can also put this mixture next to a source of light like a night light because fleas are attracted to light and will fall into your mixture.

3. Spread salt on your carpet – Use the finest grain of salt and spread it on your carpet.  The salt crystal will attach itself to fleas, cause it to chafe and the flea will bleed to death.  Salt is one of the best home remedies for fleas to help you eliminate them from your carpet.

4. Cedar chips – Fleas don’t like the smell of cedar and will avoid it.  You can place cedar chips in corners of your rooms and under your furniture. You can also put cedar chips near your doors and windows to keep fleas away.  Make sure that your dog is not allergic to cedar before you use it.  

5. Vacuum your home – You may need to leave salt in your rugs for as long as 7-10 days and then you want to vacuum your rugs thoroughly.  Continue to vacuum your rugs daily to be safe.

5 Steps to Take When Your Home is Flea Infested

1. Throw out your dog’s toys to be safe

2. Wash or destroy all of your dog’s bedding

3. Remove all of your dog’s food and water dishes

4. Wash all of your curtains, towels and clothing

5. Vacuum thoroughly including pillows and drapes

What You Should Know Before You Use Insecticides

• When safe home remedies, as outlined above, to remove fleas from your home doesn’t work you may need to use insecticides.  This will require you to leave your home because of the strong odor.

• Magic and her dog parent have moved to a hotel and will seek alternative housing for 5-6 weeks. 

This news brief gives you 5 safe home remedies for getting rid of blood sucking fleas so you will know what to do if your dog gets fleas and your home becomes infested. 

Share this news brief about home remedies for fleas with your friends and family so they will know what to do when their dog gets fleas.  You can expect the best dog health strategies from Dog Health News.

Hope you took some great value out of this post today! I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts or questions. Also, you can click on the social media links above to share this article…Thank you! 

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